TPH Review: Ariat Insulated Boots and Sunstopper Shirts

All horse people know how hard it is to find quality products that are actually affordable.  That’s a problem I’ve struggled with throughout my riding career and I’m on a mission to let readers of TPH know when I’ve found stuff that I really like for not a whole lot of money! Right now, I’m traveling back and forth every other week between rainy and cold Northern California and 80 degree WEF, so I’ve been testing out products for both climates.  I’m loving Ariat’s Wythburn H20 Insulated Boots for long days at the barn and their Aptos and Sunstopper show shirts for warm days in Florida.
Photo courtesy of Laura Owens

The new Ariat Wythburn H20 Insulted Boots ($199 at Dover Saddlery in black and java) are a godsend for girls like me who are always cold, but can’t stay away from the barn even in not-so-ideal conditions! They are incredibly warm and look awesome whether I’m with the horses or walking in the city.  At first, I was intimidated by the amount of lacing on the front and though they would be a pain to get on and off.  However, my fears were not warranted and that process takes less than thirty seconds.  The lacing means that they are adjustable to any size calf.  Although I consider them more of a stable boot, Ariat says that you can ride in them as well.  I rode in them a few times and was surprised at how secure I felt.  I was considered that the boot would feel bulky in the stirrups, but it didn’t.  They also have a spur rest on them.  The more I wore them, the more I loved them.  My non-horsey sister has even stolen mine to wear out with her friends! They are made with typical Ariat quality and I know they will last for many winters to come.  Go get them before they sell out!

Photo courtesy of Laura Owens

My go-to show shirts have become the Ariat line of affordable tops, both long and short sleeved.   I can’t believe how much quality they can fit into the $49 Showstopper Sun Shirt ( and the $42 Aptos Show Shirt ( and I have been wearing both all the time.  They look great tucked into a colored pair of breeches early in the week at shows and are perfect for any competition day with beige pants.  They are hands down the most comfortable show shirt I own and I find myself reaching for one of these each day over higher priced ones. For riders like me who try to stay on a budget, but want to look the part, these are a lifesaver.  

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