Charity Events, Reflections on Showing and our 2018 Talent Search – The Plaid Horse Pick Six


Each week, TPH Media Chair, Estelle Kraft, will be breaking down The Plaid Horse Pick Six — a weekly wrap up of equine news, great deals, popular blog posts and much more! Tune in every Sunday for six don’t miss things from the previous week.

1. 2018 The Plaid Horse Intern and Ambassador Talent Search

I started my journey with The Plaid Horse just as many of our blog contributors – as an ambassador and later an intern. My journey with this team has been incredible. The four years (and counting!) that I have spent passing out magazines, writing, learning and growing as an equestrian has helped me so much as a person. I highly recommend applying to be a part of this team. Not only is it fabulous experience, but also colleges love it! The deadline is March 14, and you need a resume and some letters of recommendation to apply — so I recommend getting started soon.

2. The Puzzle Pieces of a Junior Career

I’ve been writing for TPH for almost three years, but I’ve never written a blog about my personal story. This week I opened up to tell the story of my junior career. This blog took months between actually writing it, edits, reformatting and everything in between. It shares my experiences seeing how incredibly selfless people in this industry can be, and what they did to help me.

“I started with lessons and eventually half-leased a medium flea-bitten grey named Fiesty. With every missed distance on one of the pickiest ponies I’ve ever ridden, Feisty taught me how hard the ground actually was. I will never forget the endless summer days we spent at barn camp, finger painting the white school horses.”

3. The More the Horse Show Changes, The More It Stays the Same

PonyMomAmmy has been a featured writer in Pick Six before, and her most recent article is just as engaging. To put it simply, I couldn’t stop reading this blog! She talks about how the way riders react with our sport has changed over the years. As a working student, I’m a big believer in spending time with your horse outside of the ring. By grooming or just watching them in the turn out, we can learn so much about our mount and build the best bonds. To both the new kid in the show ring and the seasoned pro, I encourage taking a few minutes to read this great blog!

“We were expected to know what went into the care of our horses and ponies: I knew what they ate, how to handle an injury or illness (including taking a temp, respiration rates, listening to gut sounds), how to wrap legs, and if I didn’t know, another barn rat was ready and willing to teach me. I learned most of this just being at the barn when the opportunity to learn presented itself.”

4. New Jersey Equestrian Gives Back to the Homeless

Thanksgiving. It’s a word that we think of as a holiday only in the fall but, New Jersey equestrian Christina DeMattheis is a believer in giving and making a difference in people’s lives all year long as explained in TPH Intern Izzy Feinstein’s most recent blog about Covenant House. In Christina’s charity, individuals sleep outside for a night and raise money for homeless teens. This story is inspirational and moving, definitely worth the read!

“The Sleep Out is a national movement where individuals commit to sleeping outside for one night while raising money that goes directly to getting youth and teens off of the streets. According to Christina, “the sleep out is about a group of teens and adults coming together, sleeping out, and raising money to support homeless teens. If we all come together to support this cause then we will play a major role in someone else’s life, and we can make a difference.”

5. TPH Review: Ariat Insulated Boots and Sunstopper Shirts

Being an equestrian is many things. Unfortunately, high costs is often one of them but for Laura Owens, that doesn’t mean quality is cut short! In her most recent piece, she shares some of her steals for both the East and West coasts!

“Right now, I’m traveling back and forth every other week between rainy and cold Northern California and 80 degree WEF, so I’ve been testing out products for both climates. I’m loving Ariat’s Wythburn H20 Insulated Boots for long days at the barn and their Aptos and Sunstopper show shirts for warm days in Florida.”

6. Plaidcast 20 by – Course Designer Ken Krome and Legendary Hunter Rider Louise Serio

We all heard about (or watched) Louise Serio’s win at WEF in the Hunter Spectacular last week, and it was AMAZING. Louise is a familiar name on the TPH website between many press releases and stories, but did you know she talked with Sissy and Piper on an early episode of the Plaidcast? In episode 20, Louise talks about her success story with the sport, TUNE IN!

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