TPH Book Review: Ten Horse Farm


Ten Horse Farm by Robert Sabuda

#1 New York Times best-selling pop-up creator
On a wintery morning in Canton, NY, I finished chores and headed over to Dr. Piper Klemm’s home — also known as the The Plaid Horse headquarters.  I brought the usual coffee order, and we sat around the kitchen table, which serves double duty as one of many of Piper’s work areas.
Photo courtesy Piper Klemm
My 6-month old son was with me, and we both were immediately drawn to a book, Ten Horse Farm, that sat on the table. As Piper and I caught up and chatted about everything happening with The Plaid Horse, I tried to keep my busy son entertained.
Photo courtesy Piper Klemm
As I opened the book, I could not believe the animated horse and dog that ran across the first page. The animals are eye-catching and big. I had no idea these large pop-up animals could fit inside a children’s book!
Photo courtesy Piper Klemm
Ten Horse Farm shows horses doing normal daily activities. As you turn each page, they grow into magnificent, colorful images that stand-up right from the book. It is delightfully fun, beautiful, and unique.
This book would make a great gift for any parent or kid who likes horses or animals.
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