NCEA Announces Lucas Oil and Protect the Harvest as Corporate Sponsor


Waco, Texas (February 28, 2018) – The National Collegiate Equestrian Association (NCEA) today announced Lucas Oil and Protect The Harvest as a corporate sponsor to support the advancement of Women’s Equestrian on the path to National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) championship sport status. 

“The NCEA strives to provide a path for collegiate riders to pursue their dreams as well as become future leaders in their communities. Lucas Oil and Protect the Harvest are striving to do the same with their outreach. We are thankful for their support and look forward to a long-term partnership,” said John Hull, co-chair of the NCEA National Advisory Board.

With more than 900 women currently participating on NCAA equestrian teams, and thousands more high school students aspiring to compete on college teams, the NCEA remains committed to the expansion of meaningful educational opportunities for women through athletics.

“The NCEA and its members represent our American heritage and demonstrate qualities we admire. Equestrian athletes of today, through competition, communication and teamwork, develop leadership skills that are important for our future,” said Karen Gerfen, director of communications for Lucas Oil and Protect the Harvest. “We work to help protect our heritage and our way of life and feel strongly about supporting our future leaders. We are thankful for our way of life. It is important, vital and what we value most. It is up to our leaders of the future to ensure its lasting presence and that is why we are proud to help support the NCEA.”

Forrest and Charlotte started Lucas Oil Products with the simple philosophy of producing only the best line of lubricants and additives available anywhere. Since its inception, Lucas has steadfastly adhered to this corporate objective. Through innovative product research and development, along with aggressive marketing programs, Lucas has established itself as a top selling additive line in the American truck stop industry.

“It is always exciting to partner with sponsors who are at the top of their industry, and Lucas Oil clearly sets the bar for all others. Lucas Oil’s outreach through Protect the Harvest reflects a commitment at the highest level. The NCEA is proud of the relationship we have developed with Lucas Oil and hope our student-athletes set the bar for all other collegiate equestrians,” said Leah Fiorentino, executive director of the NCEA.

The National Advisory Board (NAB) was established to build awareness and support for the sport of women’s equestrian. Through partnerships and sponsorships with industry leaders, the NAB works to expand the sport to additional universities and ultimately make women’s equestrian the first financially independent, self-sustaining, non-revenue generating sport at the collegiate level.

“Protect the Harvest and Lucas Oil’s combined sponsorship is a tremendous honor for the NCEA. Lucas Oil is known for their numerous sponsorships of events and facilities across our country and we are pleased that they have chosen to expand their support into the realm of collegiate equestrian. This is an exceptional opportunity for all parties involved,” said Nancy Post, senior associate athletics director/SWA at Baylor University and National Championships Manager of the NCEA.