TPH Product Review: View Halloo

By TPH Style Editor Bethany Lee

Winter season is officially in full swing! Begin your year with an innovative new product to chronicle your horse show year. View Halloo is a fabulous leather bound equestrian competition journal. Not a blank journal, View Halloo thought – of – everything! This is the first journal of its kind with dozens of categories, making life easy for people like me with terrible memories. You can log absolutely everything. From horse information to daily care schedules and medication to a master show schedule, competition record and expense reports, this keepsake book has it all. The competition journal is also a perfect way for ambitious riders to set goals and work to accomplish them. There is a designated section to notate realistic goals and track your progress. I really appreciate the vet notes section because it gives you a physical log to describe past injuries or procedures. Lastly, View Halloo is a fun activity to do with friends! We are all familiar with the “hurry up and wait” situation that is horse showing. Take the opportunity to whip out the competition journal when you have some down time with your friends. These journals are offered in either black or brown and are the perfect gift for your friend or family member.