TPH Product Review: Le Fash Paulo Alto Tech Shirt


While planning my trips to show down in Wellington this year, I knew I needed to consider my wardrobe as well. Thinking of the essentials for showing in the hot weather, I decided I needed to add a few short sleeve show shirts to my closet. I searched the internet, looking at tops from quite a few brands before coming upon the Paulo Alto shirts from Le Fash. I quickly added the White with Petal Pink Paulo Alto shirt to my cart and bought it. After wearing the shirt once, I fell in love with it and immediately bought another, purchasing the same style in white.

Photo courtesy of Vyla Carter

Every show since, I have worn these shirts and received a plethora of compliments. They have added the style and color my equestrian wardrobe has lacked. Each shirt has a gorgeous flower patterned collar. I especially like the colorful one on the pink sleeved shirt. They also have a great fit. Unlike some other shirts that go straight down on the sides, this style curves in. It is more fitting and flattering on whoever is wearing it.

Wearing the pink- sleeved top while taking photos at the Palm Beach Masters.

Not only do the mesh sleeves make the shirt stand apart from any other style, they also add much more breathability. This is a plus on hot days when sweat is more prevalent. The mesh gives the rider the allusion that they are wearing a sleeveless top, but have the look of a formal show shirt. 

The shirt’s fabric is super soft and comfortable enough to wear all day. I’ve gotten stains from dirt, food and tack all over it and it has easily come out in the wash. Another plus of this fabric is that it is also UV resistant, protecting your skin.

Wearing the White w Petal Pink Paulo Alto shirt in a schooling round at the Winter Equestrian Festival. Photo by Javen Dalman

Le Fash prides itself in being the first ever crossover clothing line, meaning it’s not only for the stable but the street too. In designing these shirts they were successful in this mission, as I would feel comfortable wearing these anywhere and could style them with more than just breeches. My Paulo Alto shirts have become a key item to my show day look and they leave me wanting more products from this awesome brand.