Three Sports that use Horses

Above: Photo by TPH Intern Vyla Carter

The horse is an animal that is used extensively in the world of sports as they can be used in different forms. Powerful, strong and athletic, these animals give a feeling of control and power over an animal that wasn’t built to be subdued. The general name for the use of horses in sports is termed as equestrianism or horse riding (British English) and horseback riding (American English).

Sport for humans is a game of emotion and passion, and equestrian sports, over the years have become increasingly popular, earning so much money for the players, investors and the fans who utilize the Latest Grand National Free Bets 2018 offers to bet on horses to win a particular race.

Here are 3 sports that make use of horses.

Thoroughbred racing

Thoroughbreds, in the English context means a horse that is strong, athletic and has attributes of strength, power and agility. These races are very huge in the UK as lot of people are interested in the sport, even people from other sports. Horse riding is a form of sport that is exceptionally competitive and it takes a lot of patience and resources to train a horse to reach a winning level.

Right from the moment the horse is born, it is channeled and trained to be a winner. A thoroughbred horse can be at the top for so long, and constantly win races even against faster and younger animals. It is not uncommon to see riders strike a conversation with their horses, all in a bid to make them ride faster.


This game is considered a game for the elite, as not everyone can participate in it. The horses are almost in sync with their handlers as they move where they are taken. Picture this sport as football with horses. There are two teams consisting of four horse riders and their horses. The aim is to strike a small, white ball into the opponents goal. The team with the highest goals win the game.

There are 7-8 periods of the game called “Chukkas” or “Chukkers”, which consists of 7 minutes each. Polo is a very enjoyable sport but not easy as it takes a lot of power to move the horses to where the ball is positioned and try to score a goal.


The Rodeo is a sport that involves the use of wild, untamed horses that is meant to highlight the endurance of the horse rider. Each rider is expected to keep hold of the horse for a set amount of time. Rodeo is a very dangerous sport, and it has been frowned at by Animal Rights and Human Safety enthusiasts who feel it should be scrapped.

Many people have sustained fatal injuries, but that said, it is a very enjoyable sport as it highlights how powerful an individual could be.

There are so many other sport that make use of horses, though safety precautions could be improved upon to reduce the extent of injuries involved.