Beat First Show Nerves, Know Drug Testing Protocols and Find Opportunities in The Plaid Horse Pick Six


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1. Changing Lives: The USHJA Foundation

In our sport, things are expensive, but the USHJA Foundation has some great opportunities that you may have never heard of. Between funds and grants, the foundation focuses on giving back. TPH Intern Annie Birmingham was the Making a Dream Grant recipient this year and was able to show at WCHR week at WEF. Check out all the information on these grants because you never know, you could be the next recipient!

“The United States Hunter Jumper Association (USHJA) began its separate not-for-profit foundation branch in 2008 with the mission to promote the programs of the USHJA. Since then, the foundation has expanded to offer three different grants to support junior and amateur equestrians in their riding and educational endeavors, as well as an assistance fund to provide emergency financial support for all members suffering from injury, illness, and/or natural disasters.”

2. 2018 Style Issue – PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Winging It

TPH’s Publisher Piper Klemm mentions in her March 2018 Publisher’s Note that she’s known for winging it, and so am I. Often times I walk into the show ring on a horse that I met the day before winging it, just like Piper does. In the Style Issue, Piper talks about our two options, one being winging it and the other buckling down and working for it. What choice will you make today? Are you winging it?

“Winging it requires being in the moment, a broad base of experience and knowledge to pull from, and the ability to believe in yourself to an almost irrational point. My biggest successes have all come from a starting place of winging it. When people ask me why or how I did something or how something came about – I have nothing to offer. Other than that I have been preparing my whole life for how to wing it better.”

3. Current Procedures and Protocols for Drug Testing

Walking around any rated horse show, you can find an official ready to drug test any competition horse. But are you up to date with the newest procedures and protocols? TPH’s Piper Klemm and Julian McPeak, Director of Marketing & Communications for USEF sat down to discuss some questions about current procedures.

“What is a reasonable expectation of turnaround time for testing? When may a trainer/owner expect to hear if there is a positive result?
Typically, results are reported within 60 days but may be shorter depending upon the time of the year. To find out the status of your horse’s test go to the Federation website approximately four to six weeks following the sample collection. Type in your horse’s Sample ID number. The sample will either be listed as “Cleared” or “Pending.

4. How to Survive Your First Horse Show

I remember my first horse show quite clearly. I was so excited to dress up in my bows that I wasn’t even nervous, but today is a different story! In TPH Ambassador Callie Hildenbrand’s most recent blog, she breaks down her tips to surviving your first horse show. She talks about how to plan and have fun! Whether you’re a newbie or season professional, this blog is a great read.

“You’re probably the only person putting pressure on yourself, so you’ll be less anxious if you try to let that go. Sure, it’s nice to place well, but 50-cent ribbons are nothing to stress over. As long as you walk into the ring with confidence, try your best, and appreciate your horse, that’s really all that matters at the end of the day.”

5. Dates and Locations Announced for 2018 USHJA Zone HOTY, Stirrup Cup and Equitation Championships

HITS Coachella 2018. Photo by Lauren Mauldin

The USHJA has released its schedule for 2018 USHJA Zone HOTY, Sturrip Cup and Equitation Championships! This year each zone has multiples shows at different locations for exhibitors to show what they’ve been working towards all season. As exhibitors these shows will not disappoint, the best of the best will be putting in great rounds of competition. Check out our calendar HERE for everything that you need to know for the rest of the season.

6. Riding is a Sport. Alright?

“But you just sit there, the horse does ALL the work.” A sentence my dad and brother said one day that landed them both on the back of my well-fed large pony so they could see how hard riding really is. We don’t just sit there! In guest blogger, Carly Phoon’s “Riding is a Sport. Alright?” she gives you five argument-ready reasons to get your best friend, significant other or anyone else on a horse to sit there and do nothing.

“Yet, we must constantly defend our athleticism to the ever-vexing cynic or well-intentioned friend. If you find yourself having this conversation frequently, I’ve provided my arguments below to help you turn skeptics into supporters and walk away from the conversation always confident that the equestrian sport is the best sport out there.”

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