Vita Flex Tack Room Award Presented to Stepping Stone Farm and East Wind Farms During Weeks Eight and Nine of Winter Equestrian Festival

Above: East Wind Farm Winner of the Vita Flex Tack Room Award during week nine of the Winter Equestrian Festival (Photo courtesy of JRPR).


Wellington, Florida (March 12, 2018)—The Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, Florida, is twelve weeks of intense competition between top quality horses and riders. With all the excitement of competition, most of the focus is in the show ring. But leading supplement company Vita Flex recognizes the work that goes into keeping an organization running smoothly during such a long horse show and presents the Vita Flex Tack Room Award to barns that put the extra work into their stall and tack room setup. 

During week eight of the Winter Equestrian Festival, the Vita Flex Tack Room Award was presented to Stepping Stone Farm. Based in Albany, New York, Stepping Stone Farm spends six months of the year in Wellington preparing for and showing at the Winter Equestrian Festival. “We always get here at least a week before the horses arrive to get the main structure in,” says Amy Momrow of Stepping Stone. Momrow says that they have learned that the key is keeping it simple and organized. Their elaborate setup includes several tack rooms and grooming stalls, and is immaculately organized to help things run smoothly while they are showing. Momrow received a bucket of Vita Flex® products to try with the award, some of which she is already familiar with. “My one hunter loves the Thermaflex liniment,” said Momrow.

Vita Flex Tack Room Award Winner Stepping Stone Farm during week eight of the Winter Equestrian Festival (Photo courtesy of JRPR).

Week nine’s recipient of the Vita Flex Tack Room Award was East Wind Farms from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. This large operation brings 22 horses to the Winter Equestrian Festival while keeping another 15 in work at their farm in Ft. Lauderdale. Organization is key to keeping track of that many horses. “All day, every day, we just keep cleaning!” says Tiffany Morrissey, head trainer and owner of East Wind. The team at East Wind puts the extra effort in to make sure things stay neat and tidy. Their immaculate barn takes them about a week to set up before moving the horses in, and includes several grooming stalls and tack rooms to accommodate all the horses and riders.

Always eager to show their support for competitive equestrians, Vita Flex presents their Tack Room Award to a different barn each week of the Winter Equestrian Festival. Each recipient of the award receives a bucket of Vita Flex® products to try. The company is proud to be a part of this elite event.

Vita Flex’s product line includes performance supplements, antioxidants, electrolytes, topical solutions, vitamins, and minerals to help keep equine competitors in peak health. To learn more about Vita Flex, visit their website at or call (800) 848–2359.

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