Dress Like a Stable to Street Showstopper in Four Easy Steps

By Bethany Lee, Style Editor @myequestrianstyle

“I am often trying to accomplish the street to saddle look, but often it doesn’t quite translate. After investing in high quality riding pieces it should be a given to wear them outside of the saddle! Here are some tips to wearing your riding clothes out and about.”

Show shirt by Street and Saddle

1. Be original. Don’t just copy what you see. Wear the items you love and use that as a starting point for assembling the rest of your look. I usually always start with my breeches or a statement top and build off of it with the accessories.

2. Show shirts make great street style tops. For those who want to wear riding clothes to work, pop a blazer over a show shirt and it’s a guaranteed success. Pair it with a pencil skirt or some tailored pants (or breeches!) and you will look like you just came from a lesson… in a really clean and polished way!

3. Try black breeches to start. Still feel a little funny running around town in your breeches? Start with a subtle black pair of breeches that almost look like a pair of black leggings. Style them as if you were wearing those leggings: cardigan and tank top, slouchy sweater or a tunic. Then when you’re ready, start experimenting with grays and navys and pretty soon you’ll be rocking your tan breeches around town!

4. Be confident. These riding looks aren’t exactly for the faint of heart. You gotta own this look and be thinking, “You know what? I paid a lot of money for this top. Ok. I’m wearing it out!” Or, “I want to go for an equestrian chic look, so I’m going to pull from my riding clothes!” Whatever your reason, I say go for it. Put it on, and don’t look back.

If you are contemplating your equestrian inspired look, when in doubt, start slow and be confident. You’re going to kill this look.

If you need any specific advice, feel free to message me on Instagram: @myequestrianstyle