Size Inclusivity, Avoiding Comparison, Yellow Honies and More in The Plaid Horse Pick Six


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1. Size Inclusivity in the Equestrian World

In the world of journalism, expressing yourself can be fearful especially when it’s your story. In the March 2018 issue, TPH Blog Editor Lauren Maudlin shares her personal story in relation to size inclusivity in the equestrian world. She discusses about her battle finding well fitting show clothes, and what some of our favorite brands offer for everyone – no matter their size.

“At the time where everything finally clicked in the horse-trainer-budget trifecta, I was the heaviest I had ever been. And after years of bad matches, injuries and inconsistent riding, I was desperate to get back into the show ring. The choice to overcome my insecurities to compete in the sport that I loved was an easy one, but finding apparel to wear for competition was not.”

2. Avoiding Comparison: A True Challenge in the Equestrian Sport

Comparison – something I do every second of every day. I hate to admit it, but it’s true. In the equestrian world, this concept can be especially frustrating walking into any division, any arena, anywhere in the world. Can we avoid comparison in the equestrian world? TPH Ambassador Callie Hildenbrand makes a great argument to this daily challenge.

“Especially in an overwhelming world full of judgment, negativity on social media, and unrealistic imagery, it is quite difficult to completely avoid comparing ourselves to others. Like that isn’t bad enough, many aspects of the equestrian sport are completely based on the premise of comparison. In competition, we perform in front of judges who watch our every move with keen eyes, see each little mistake, and give out scores accordingly.”

3. Applications Open for New USHJA Foundation J.T. Tallon Memorial Equitation Grant

I’m a big believer in taking advantage of opportunities, and USHJA’s newest grant, the J.T. Fallon Memorial Equitation Grant, is definitely not one to pass up on. This new grant is open to any USHJA member who has qualified for various equitation championships with jumps 3′ or higher! Everything you need to know is on the TPH website. Make sure you check out this great opportunity!

“The J.T. Tallon Memorial Equitation Grant was developed by friends and family of the late, J.T. Tallon, a Lexington, Virginia, horseman and USHJA member who dedicated his career to equestrian sport for over 40 years. Tallon was dedicated to helping riders excel in the equitation arena. He was part of a group that founded the Southwest Virginia Hunter Jumper Association; he led the Southern Seminary for Women to IHSA championship victory eight times; and the Randolph Macon Woman’s College won three championships under his leadership as equestrian director.”

4. Free Stickers!

I LOVE Instagram and the TPH account as it features so many great things, but FREE stickers, everyone loves stickers! Team TPH is giving out stickers, all you have to do is email us your shipping info and we will send you some stickers to show your TPH love. They make even great pony nose covers for a second… until you pony decides they don’t love it!

5. Growing Up With the Yellow Hony I Didn’t Know I Needed

There’s always that one horse or pony that we will never forget. You know, the one who taught you how hard the ground was or how to go into the show ring and win a blue ribbon. In PonyMomAmy’s most recent blog, she shares her story about her horse of a lifetime and the one that came after that she didn’t thought she wanted. Her story is relatable to the beginner or pro, because no matter what — that animal will always hold a special place in our hearts.

“But over the course of some 20-plus years, he was my constant. He was there the first time a boy broke my heart, when I started dating my now husband, when the twin towers fell, when I got married, when I had my babies, when I had miscarriages, when my dad was diagnosed with cancer (and when he was pronounced “cured”). Every major moment in my life, he was where I turned.”

6. Dress Like a Stable to Street Showstopper in Four Easy Steps

As a working student, I often dress for the day at 5:00 a.m. before I make coffee and head to the show grounds. I love seeing what our Style Editor, Bethany Lee, has to show us. In this month’s issue, she brings to the table some beautiful show shirts that can be worn inside and outside the ring to make a statement. Whether you’re just dropping by for one class, or staying the whole day, these style tips are some to keep in mind!

“Be confident. These riding looks aren’t exactly for the faint of heart. You gotta own this look and be thinking, “You know what? I paid a lot of money for this top. Ok. I’m wearing it out!” Or, “I want to go for an equestrian chic look, so I’m going to pull from my riding clothes!” Whatever your reason, I say go for it. Put it on, and don’t look back.”

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