Advice, Tips and Everything You Need for Show Season: The Plaid Horse Pick Six


Each week, TPH Media Chair, Estelle Kraft, will be breaking down The Plaid Horse Pick Six — a weekly wrap up of equine news, great deals, popular blog posts and much more! Tune in every Sunday for six don’t miss things from the previous week.

1. Dear Juniors: Advice from Almost Amateurs, With Love

My journey with TPH started my freshmen year of high school and now as a senior (um, where did the time go?) I have learned a few things in these past junior years. As an intern, I was able to take advantage of many opportunities that the TPH team gave me. In this blog, both current TPH Interns and myself give some advice for navigating your junior years as they come to an end.

“I’ll say it in the simplest way possible, take advantage of being at the horse shows you attend. Between the different people that you could meet and the different techniques you can learn, the possibilities are endless. Watching and listening to different trainers in the warm-up ring is one of my favorite things to do because you can learn so much even though it may not directly apply to you in the current moment.”

2. A Dream Come True: My Experience with the USHJA Making a Dream Grant

Annie Birmingham has been with the TPH team as an intern for a little over a year now and has done nothing but great work. We became great friends when I reached out to her while she was in WEF, showing with the USHJA Making a Dream Grant. Annie and I talked about her injury, and I was truly inspired and SO excited to read this blog.

“On Thursday, I headed back to Grand Prix Village to spend the morning with Stacia Madden at Beacon Hill. There, I got to shadow Stacia and learn how her farm runs behind the scenes. I also set jumps for her professional riders schooling back at the barn, and helped her in the warm up ring for the schooling jumpers. I’ll definitely be putting some of her organizational skills to work back at home!”

3. New Pony Parent Horse Show Guide Part I: Vocabulary

As a working student, I receive questions from lesson client parents on an almost daily basis. These questions range from showing to ‘Why is this saddle going to cost $1,200?’ as well as apparel and everything in between. Now I can  send this link to all of our ‘Pony Parents’ so they can get ready for their kid’s first horse show… after it stops raining in California of course! PonyMomAmy does it again. Give this one a read.

“They will go both directions, line up in the middle, the class will be pinned, and they will stay in the ring and do the exact same thing 2 more times. That is why your child may ride the exact same in all 3 classes, but win one, and be 5th in the next (maybe her eq is flawless, but her pony just wasn’t the prettiest hunter in the class).”

4. TPH Limited Edition V-Neck Sweatshirt (Coral)

As mentioned, it’s been raining a lot in California. I’m from the Chicago area so I can handle the weather, I promise, but it’s been cold and this V-Neck has saved my life. Yesterday I was at school all day in it. It’s stylish enough to throw on with a pair of jeans and vans and head out the door comfortably ready to listen to your lecture! So to the bottom line, TPH’s Limited Edition wear is super cozy and great for ay situation. It’s also on SALE!!! (from $60.00 to $39.00) so I recommend stocking up.

5. How does Olympian Kevin Babington teach his horses to go straight at home?

Yes, that is Olympian Kevin Babington, and yes, he is riding bareback. Short and sweet – do you want to learn how you can get your horse straighter with or without a saddle? Do you have two minutes to spare on your way to the barn? Yes? You should watch this video! Kevin talks you through the whole concept of keeping your horse straight and shows you exactly what he’s doing. This video has made it onto my list of important things to rewatch and learn from time and time again!

6. TPH – Events Calendar

Our horse show calendar is SO helpful. It’s all right there! Class lists, prize lists, entries, everything you need can all be found on our calendar! The calendar is updated weekly with new show series and more information regarding previously posted shows so you’ll always be in the loop. For my new Pony Parents out there, this is a great tool to learn about a horse show before fulling diving into one.

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