Breaking News! Instagram Wants You To See More HORSEY PICS!


If there is anything more irritating to equestrians than getting hay in their bras, it is the Instagram newsfeed algorithm.

Excited to share the news of their latest blue ribbons, equestrians hit Instagram by the tens of thousands every weekend, only to have their tricolor selfies buried in the non-chronological newsfeed.

Wails of anguish from the pony moms.
Exasperated sighs from trainers trying to sell horses.
Screeches from retailers wanting to show you what’s new and fab at the tack shop.

Photo by Samantha Zagha

“I got a new pony. The pic only got 47 likes. It’s like it never even happened,” cried one Short Stirrup rider.

Thankfully, in time for summer circuits, Instagram has announced a change to its newsfeed that brings us one stride closer to what we really want – Ponies first.

In a post on March 22, Instagram admitted to knowing that users were frustrated with the lack of chronology in the feed. They have begun testing a “New Posts” button that will refresh the app, putting the latest from your barn BFFs at the top of your feed.

Photo by Anna Culver

Watch for the new feature in your app updates! Read Instagram’s full announcement here.