Celebrating Risk Taking with The Plaid Horse Pick Six


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This week I’m focusing on something relevant in my life currently – taking risks. Taking the risk to “blindly” choose a university to attend for the next four years, make moves in the right direction for both my riding and education while enjoying every last second with the people I have called home for the past four years. This spring, I encourage you to take a risk, ask a question, educate yourself more and enjoy every second with your horse. If you want to talk risks (or just talk in general) feel free to send me a message on Instagram @estellemkraft.

1. The Plight of the Amateur

When juniors typically think of their upcoming amateur years, they think it’s all over, but as team TPH has said time and time again, your career may just be starting as an amateur. In Kimberly Maloomain’s most recent blog, we hear about what unusual risks she has taken as an amateur, walking into the Green Incentive Finals riding her own horse. Kimberly is one of the many examples of exceptional amateurs that are chasing their dreams and accomplishing goals. You may not be able to walk into the WIHS medal finals as an amateur, but there are so many opportunities for growth in not only your riding but your mental strength within this sport!

“I did not make that choice because I felt I was better than anyone else or because I thought I could win (quite the contrary really), I made that choice because I felt that my young horse, Finch Hatton, and I needed experience ‘on the big stage’ together.”

2. Salt Water River Wild Horse Management Group

I took the risk of taking on a big project for our March print issue, and it 100% paid off. In this piece, I talk about the beautiful horses of Arizona’s Salt River and what the Salt Water River Wild Horse Management Group has done to maintain their freedom as wild horses. Simply put, the work this group does it amazing and I was honored to help them share their story.

“The SWRHMG is composed of over 100 volunteers dedicating their time to three herds of wild horses. These wild horses travel in bands between two different reservations with the SWRHMG overseeing between 150 to 200 horses at any time. Volunteers repair fencing along the road to keep horses at a safe distance and work with the government to place ‘horse crossing’ signs along the highway. With many horses to watch, there are always a few volunteers in the field ready to respond to any sort of emergency.”

3. She’s Done It Again: Kristin Hardin’s Big Win at NWSS

Walking into any ring, on any horse, anytime can be a risk – even if we don’t think of it that way. California’s Kristin Hardin recently won the Gambler’s Choice at the National Western Stock Show, her third consecutive win, which can be well – risky. Kristin is an incredible horsewoman who takes big risks and from those comes out with big rewards. Even though she may be out of the saddle currently recovering from an injury, she pushes her clients to continue pushing themselves forward in order to become more educated within their personal riding.

“The night ended with victory gallops, photos, ribbons, cheers, and fans galore. Not only does Kristin have a huge fan club herself, but so does Bert. He even has his own book! Kristin and Bert finished the night meeting fans, taking pictures, and signing autographs all while the words “She’s done it again,” could be heard across the entire show grounds.”

4. Plaidcast 28 by EponaExchange.com – Armand Leone, Alix Morrison, Irene Powlick

In #Plaidcast 28 we heard from lots of risk takers and opportunity seekers like 2017 USHJA Horsemanship Quiz Challenge winner Alix Morrison. Alix is not only a horseman but an entrepreneur and the owner of Rex Blankets LLC, a risk she took to solve a problem in her life which has now benefited (and brought beautiful saddle pads) to the equestrian world. Sissy and Piper are also joined by Armand Leone, a board-certified radiologist as well as of Leone Equestrian Law LLC, and Irene Powlick, TPH Intern and top junior rider. Tune into this #throwback episode!

5. February 2018 TPH Crossword- Inspired by the 2018 USHJA Horsemanship Quiz Challenge

This is a PSA for everyone – juniors and amateurs alike – try out the HQC inspired crossword puzzles in the print issues of TPH! Whether you’re preparing for the 2018 HQC or not, this is a great way to test your horsemanship skills and maybe learn something new while doing so.

6. Event Galleries – Gulf Coast Sunshine Classic VI – 2018 MS

TPH Intern Ashley Shaw took some beautiful photos of the Gulf Coast Sunshine Series IV which are new to the website and beautiful! I’ve always heard from photographers is that by taking photos, you can learn so much about your subject. Horse show photography takes accuracy and skill, but with practice you may learn something new and surprise yourself. Go out there and be creative, I believe in you!

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