Podcast Review: Nobody Told Me!


A day is never wasted if you can say that you learned something new today, and listening to the podcast Nobody Told Me! is an easy way to accomplish that. In each episode, hosts Jan Black and daughter Laura Owens interview someone with a unique occupation, transformative life experience, or educator on an intriguing subject.

Many interviewees have hosted TED Talks and all have riveting information to share and explain. With two generations of interviewers, a broad range of questions are posed from different perspectives, an aspect of the show that differentiates it from other podcasts. While many interviews focus on the subject’s success or discovery, Black and Owens delve into the process, seeking to uncover what led this person to their distinguished position and how we as listeners can apply it to our own lives.

At the end of each podcast, they ask their customary question “What is something that nobody told you?” to discern the ultimate lesson each person has learned through their intriguing adventures, revealing the wonders life has to offer.

Two of my favorite episodes so far are quite related to each other, one being about procrastination and the other productivity. The procrastination episode gave interesting insights about the psychological processes behind procrastination, the consequences of such delays, and mental tricks to help avoid this debilitating yet common behavior. The interviewee speaking about productivity also delved into the functions of the brain in regards to planning and organization, then taught his multi-step process on how to increase productivity and decrease negative stress in your everyday life.

Many of us equestrians struggle with finding the time to balance school, work, horses, family and friends, and whatever else life decides to throw our way. While I consider myself an organized and productive person, I have benefitted from the new tips and perspectives I learned in just these two, half-hour podcasts. Many of the experiences and lessons shared by the interviewees on this show have useful applications to life inside and outside the horse world, whether it’s using time more efficiently or building mental strength and resilience.

Next time you’re in the car on your way to work or school, turn on Nobody Told Me! to learn something new about psychology, nutrition, technology, and everything in between. A successful day is only a podcast away.

About the Author: Ashley Shaw is a senior at Lafayette High School in St. Louis, MO. She trains with Shannon Hicks and competes in the Junior Hunters and Junior Jumpers, and her goal is to qualify for the Devon Horse Show next year. Outside of riding, she enjoys photography, cooking, and hanging out with her retired horses.

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