Wrap Up the Best of the Week With The Plaid Horse Pick Six


Each week, TPH Media Chair, Estelle Kraft, will be breaking down The Plaid Horse Pick Six — a weekly wrap up of equine news, great deals, popular blog posts and much more! Tune in every Sunday for six don’t miss things from the previous week.

1. 10 Spring Deals Under $100

I love a good deal any time of the year, but spring has sprung so you might as well treat yourself! Last week, the TPH team brought readers a list of 10 spring deals under $100 with everything from show shirts to things for sun protection. This sport is expensive enough as it gets, save some dough and grab a cute shirt while you’re at it!

2. Longines Masters Paris 2017

When TPH Web Director Besty Kelley went to Paris for the Longines Masters. I was super jealous, but the photos that she took made me want to be there even more. The Longines Masters Series is a special group of events, because there is just so much talent in one place.

“Longines Masters is the penultimate Show Jumping experience; add in a European crowd, and you are in for the show of a lifetime. From the boutique shopping experience in the prestige village featuring high-end brands from the equine industry to the incredible competition taking place throughout the day, you are in for an event like you could never imagine. The moment you step through the entryway, you are greeted with a full-sized operating Longines carousel, a few steps further and you will be standing at the rail of the warmup ring, where you can watch the best riders and trainers in the world prepare for the day’s spectacular events.”

3. Don’t Tailgate the Trailer! How to Safely Share the Road with Horse Trailers

Equo is a fabulous company that has written some extremely informative pieces for TPH, but this one is perfect for everyone. You’ve probably sat in the passenger seat of a truck pulling a trailer, or at least seen one on a road somewhere, whether you’re used to driving around a trailer or never have before do it safely. Equo brings some great tips on how to share the road with trailers on our blog. Check it out before heading to the show grounds for the horse show (you can listen to the #Plaidcast on your way down as well!)

“Remember that thing you learned in physics class about mass and inertia? A four-horse rig has 5,000 pounds of animal in it. Not to mention the weight of the equipment and trailer itself. It’s simply not able to stop quickly. So, before you change lanes and get in front of a horse trailer, make sure the trailer has lots of space to safely maintain their speed.”

4. Plaidcast 13 by Epona Exchange – Inside Your Ride with Hope Glynn

Gearing up for a long drive to showgrounds? Want to switch it up from listening to music? Try the #Plaidcast! The #Plaidcast comes out weekly with new episodes and each one is informative and a great listen. This week I choose to bring back episode 13, Inside Your Ride with Tonya and Hope Glynn. Two winter circuits ago, I had the pleasure of working with Hope up in Coachella and she taught me so much, the podcast is no different, Hope and Tonya have so much important information to say. Give it a listen, maybe you’ll learn something new!

5. Rea the No-Eyed Wonder Mare: Life Doesn’t Stop When the Lights Get Turned Off

This story is so inspiring. Rea doesn’t have either eye, but she still puts in 110% effort every time and it shows. Nikki and Rea set goals and achieve them, something every equestrian should be doing no matter their ability.

“Rea’s enthusiasm for life wasn’t just for turnout. Taking it slow, Nikki first took Rea out to the round pen to explore. Then lunged. Then saddled her up and went for her first blind ride, and like the amazing mare that she is – Rea trotted around happily. “I have to steer ALL THE TIME,” Nikki said. “If I forget and go into autopilot, we run into things… but that is seriously the hardest thing.” The rest of their riding has been remarkably the same.”

6. The Importance Of Saying Yes

“Never allow a person to tell you no who doesn’t have the power to say yes.” This quote by Eleanor Roosevelt spoke to me because in the world of horses, opportunity is plenty, and sometimes we just need to say yes. In TPH Intern Tori Weed’s latest blog we read her story of saying yes. Step outside of your comfort zone and say yes, you may end up somewhere you never imagined but always dreamed of.

“Here I am two years later writing this, again in California for yet another horse show, trying to live my life without regret. I’ve learned to say yes, and I’m still learning the best possible ways to grow and experience… not only in the horse world.”

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