Vita Flex Tack Room Award Presented to ESP Farm During Final Week of Winter Equestrian Festival


Above: Vita Flex Tack Room winner Rachel Kennedy of ESP Farm winners during the final week of the 2018 Winter Equestrian Festival. (Photo courtesy of JRPR)


Wellington, Florida (April 10, 2018) — Equestrians looking for fame and financial rewards know that yearly 12-week Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, Florida is the pinnacle of equine competition from January until April. It is the largest and longest-running equestrian competition in the world and brings together up-and-coming riders as well as national and international riding superstars.

While audiences see the beauty of the horses and the brilliance of the riders as they compete, true horse people know that a great deal of work is done before the horses even hit the show grounds. And for such an elite and lengthy show, that level of care and comfort has to continue through the entire twelve weeks.

Leading supplement company Vita Flex has chosen to recognize those barns and their hard-working staff who keep things running smoothly for horses and riders during the entire Winter Equestrian Festival horse show. In their honor, Vita Flex presents the Vita Flex Tack Award to barns that put the extra work into their stall and tack room setup.

During week twelve of the Winter Equestrian Festival, the Vita Flex Tack Room Award was presented to ESP Farm. Based in Brookeville, Maryland, just outside of Washington, DC and owned by Rachel and Oliver Kennedy, ESP Farm is a full service hunter and jumper stable.  “We got here December 12th and we are here until April 10th,” said Rachel.  She is quick to give thanks to Ben Phillips, for his help in getting the stalls and tack room set up and organized. “It took Ben two days to get everything ready. While he was busy here, the horses were relaxing back at the farm,” Rachel remembers.

Rachel laughingly claims to have a “touch of OCD” which help her keep everything organized.  With twelve active show rings, there’s a lot of information to keep straight so she also writes everything down. Rachel also stated that it helps that the horses don’t show every week at the Winter Equestrian Festival.  “That gives both the horses and the team a break between weeks,” she said.   Rachel, however, doesn’t always get to rest between shows. She is a USEF Licensed Hunter and Equitation Judge and is a member of the USHJA Junior Hunter Committee and the USHJA Zone III Jumper Committee.

Extremely dedicated in their support for competitive equestrians, Vita Flex has presented their Tack Room Award to a different barn each of the twelve weeks of the Winter Equestrian Festival. Rachel is already a user of several of the Vita Flex products at ESP Farms and is thrilled to receive her Award, a custom Vita Flex bridle rack, a beautiful gold fringed ribbon and a tub of Vita products.

Vita Flex’s product line includes performance supplements, antioxidants, electrolytes, topical solutions, vitamins, and minerals to help keep equine competitors in peak health. To learn more about Vita Flex, visit their website at or call (800) 848–2359.

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