How to Choose Your Riding Helmet in 3 Steps

Above: Photo by TPH Intern Emily McNeill

A laps with the helmet again. We will not tire of talking about this important topic for any horseman or rider regardless of the discipline you practice, how often you ride, or how long you are on the horse. The helmet is an essential tool in equestrian sports. The helmet for both adults and the riding helmet for children, should be subject in any case to safety, not aesthetics. For this reason we give you 3 clues to choose your helmet effectively. Of course some types of helmets are not cheap and if you are short of money to buy, just click here!

Select only approved riding helmets.

The helmet must be approved by the European Union, at least. They must comply with the current regulations of horse riding helmets. The way to know that this regulation is fulfilled will be found on the label CE EN1384. Certifications of regulations and homologations guarantee the reliability of the manufacturer, safety and quality of the helmet (tested).

Select your style according to your needs

Photo by TPH Intern Skyler Allen.

There are a lot of models, so you can make a second cut by selecting your style. That is, those that are more in keeping with the practice that you are accustomed to doing. For example, if you are going to jump, bear in mind that you should not wear a visor too pronounced to see where you are going quickly, however, I choose a helmet with a wide visor that protects me from the blows of the branches and the sun. If you like the aesthetics of velvet helmets you can use them for special days or contests but they are not the most practical in our day to day. The ventilation in the helmet is important, almost all bring some ventilation system. Take your time with this topic, especially if you usually ride in harsh weather conditions. It is important that the head transpire if you are going to be at high temperatures for a long time.

On this point you can find more information in our previous post about the 5 best helmets.

Select your size

A helmet that does not fit properly in your head is a useless element for your safety. To find out what your size is, use a tape measure. You must measure your head where the circumference is greater, that is, above the eyebrows. This measure in centimeters is the size of the helmet. Manufacturers usually indicate sizes S, M, L … and indicate how many centimeters each size is. On the restraints, there is variety, I like that at least two restraints are adjustable because regardless of our measurement, the heads have a very different shape, the restraints will help us adjust the helmet to our own anatomy.

Once you have the helmet in your hands, check:

– The case should be a few centimeters above the eyebrows, between 1.25 and 2.5 cm approximately.

– You must be able to insert a finger between the tape and your neck

– Move the head to the sides and up and down. The helmet must remain in place. It must be firm but not squeezing or bothering.

To finish Remember:

– You must change helmet after each fall or hit.

– Check and regulate your helmet every time you use it.

– Keep the helmet clean, so you not only guarantee its use for a longer time, but also check every cleaning that is in perfect condition.

– The helmets are not interchangeable and we recommend not buying them secondhand. A helmet can apparently be perfect and be seriously damaged in its structure by some blow.