Equestrian Fashion Picks from Decidedly Un-Equestrian Retailers



Though I’d prefer to spend most of my days at the barn, real life necessitates that a lot of my time is spent far away from the sound of hooves trotting through the arena. For those lectures and meetings, I sometimes like to sprinkle a little bit of equestrian flair into my wardrobe to make sure I don’t go too long without a horse in sight.

No, I’m not talking about those tie-dye t-shirts with galloping mustangs that say Wild and Free like the kind your grandmother gave you growing up. Look — we already keep the trunk of our car overflowing with feed and tack, are covered in bruises and have horse pictures framed in every space we inhabit. We don’t need our clothes to scream, Crazy Horse Lady Alert because our daily actions probably already do that!

In one of my favorite horse patterns. Photo courtesy Lauren Mauldin. Top from Modcloth

For me, incorporating horsey items into my wardrobe is a game of blending fashion with pony passion. I want my clothes to say, I’m fun and somewhat put together but I also would totally ditch this activity in about 30 seconds for a horse show. And while using equestrian clothing like breeches and show shirts into street style is an exciting trend, I also like to do the reverse and look for equestrian patterns at everyday retailers.

Here are some recent finds sure to bring 100% more ponies into your work day!

V-Neck top in Natural White/Horses. H&M $9.99

You know, you really think this model would be happier since she’s wearing horses all over her shirt! Maybe she’s missed too many rides due to a rainy spring.

4″ Navy Zebra/Horse Linen/Cotton Riviera Shorts. Ann Taylor Loft $45

It’s a little hard to tell if these are truly horses or zebras. Maybe like the linen/cotton fabric, they’re a blend of the two. Either way, I’m willing to make a zebra exception here because it has four legs, hooves and is galloping all over these shorts.

Horse Trot Waterproof Rain Boot. Chooka $39.97

These rain boots are just the kind of item I buy and swear to myself that I’ll never wear them at the barn because I want to keep them shiny and pretty… but then two weeks later I end up cold hosing my horse’s leg and mucking stalls in the most adorable rain boots ever (never to be the same again).

Mint Julep & Horseshoe Savannah Lounge Pant. Southern Marsh Collection $31.50

Adorable, Kentucky racing themed lounge pants are the perfect choice for catching up on reading, watching horse movies on Netflix or running away from your apartment’s laundry facility after you dumped four filthy blankets in the oversize washing machines.

Horse Jumping Scene Needlepoint Belt. Smathers & Branson $165.00

I actually love needlepoint belts as the classic horse show accessory, but this hunt scene pattern could easily work with a button down shirt and slacks. It brings a subtle, I chase down foxes for fun and I’ll chase down clients too, vibe to your next marketing meeting.

Jersey Top in Light Gray/Horses. H&M+ $12.99

Another gem from H&M, but this one is available in extended sizes because everyone should be able to wear ponies. Ponies for all! Can’t stop won’t stop pony top!

Waterfront Flaunt High-Waisted Bikini Bottom in Unicorns. Modcloth $39.00

I’m making another exception here, and allowing unicorns. Unicorns are so in this year, which is okay because they’re horse-like and never miss lead changes because magic. Bonus points for their rainbow pattern distracting from your never-see-the-sun-because-breeches white legs at the pool.

Print Two-Pocket Boyfriend Shirt in Horses. Gap Factory $16.97

My biggest question regarding this shirt is, what kind of boyfriend wears clothing with horses all over it and where can I find him?

These are just a few examples of the adorable horse patterns lurking out there. Keep your eye out, because you never know when you’ll run into the perfect, must have pony top!