Celebrating the Round: The Lexington International CSI 2*

Elizabeth Conyers and Volcan De France- Photo by Vyla Carter.


The Split Rock Jumping Tour gave riders and horses alike plenty to celebrate this past week at Split Rock Farm in Lexington, Kentucky. The show, known for its extra large ribbons and victory gallops for every single class, makes doing well just that much more special. Sponsors also provide special incentives, like a $500 prize to the rider who performed the best fist pump in a victory gallop over the course of the five day show.

The special moments when a rider and horse pass through the timers and know they just had a winning round are my favorite to capture. The pure joy of knowing you and your horse just accomplished something great, no matter how big or small, are the best moments, and there were plenty of those going around this fun one week show! 

Clotilde Lewis and Querentino- Photo by Vyla Carter
Petra Sobotova and Bodygard- Photo by Vyla Carter
Ansgar Holtgers Jr. and Tip Top Du Moulin- Photo by Vyla Carter
Sarah Fisher and Escobar- Photo by Vyla Carter.
Kady Abrahamson and Basco H2- Photo by Vyla Carter.
Victoria Ketchum and Isaac 22- Photo by Vyla Carter.
Marion Scott Head and Poker Face M- Photo by Vyla Carter.
Carly Dvorkin and Fuego. Photo by Vyla Carter
Alexandra Welles and X M. Photo by Vyla Carter
Sandra Dalman riding Carlimbo Z- Photo by Vyla Carter

No matter how the round goes there can always be something about it that is special, whether its a personal best, getting around a hard course clear or just having fun. Plenty of riders competing at this Split Rock show showed love to not only their horses but the wonderful sport as well.