Biggest Animal Earners


Made in the Shade

As if animals didn’t have a sweet enough life already, you might be surprised, and maybe even a little jealous to learn that some animals are making way more money than the average American family income. You heard that right, there are plenty of animals out there earning six figures and over, more than most hope to make for their entire career.

There is an entire economy and ecosystem based on animals. Lots of industries such as animal news, animal modeling, animal sports, and animal breeding can all fetch a pretty penny when it is done properly. There is even animal fashion shows and animal talent shows that all have been known to rake in some big bucks.

The Top Earners List

We were as surprised to learn that there are not just a few, but many high roller animals out there. So we put together a list of the world’s richest animals:

Gunther IV – The German Shepherd Gunther has been officially named the richest animal in the world. Not a self-made dog, Gunther inherited his wealth from his father, who was a pet to Countess Karlotta Liebenstein. When his father died, Gunther inherited 85 million, and has since made some savvy investments and is currently worth over 300 million.

Choupette Lagerfield – One of animal fashion’s richest pets, Choupette is the pet of the eccentric fashion designer, Karl Lagerfield. Not one to sit and rest on her laurels, Choupette doesn’t just rely on her owner to make her fortune for her, she gets out and earns on her own. She has made an appearance on the cover of Vogue, Vanity Fair, and the German Vogue. She also has over 100k followers on social media. Not too bad for a kitty cat.

Grumpy Cat – This probably doesn’t come as a shocker. Grumpy cat is the internet’s favorite pet. Her real name is Tardar Sauce, and she became a viral phenomenon when her owners uploaded a picture of her online looking sour and depressed. While Tardar Sauce seems to have a grumpy demeanor, it is this very quality that has skyrocketed her to internet stardom. With nearly 2 million followers on social media, it is estimated grumpy cat is worth 100 million.

Boo – Another online animal celebrity, Boo is famous for being one of the cutest dogs on the planet. A fluffy little pomeranian that poses in lots of different tailor-fitted outfits, Boo has the biggest online fan following of every animal on this list, with over 17 million followers on various social media, Boo is loved universally by internet surfers everywhere.

Lil Bub – Born with many disorders, the internet was charmed by what many might call defects. Instead these very defects are what have won the hearts of millions and made Lil Bub capable of having her own documentary, merchandise line, and talk show.

There are a lot of big name animal earners out there, whether they inherited their wealth or made it the old fashioned way, becoming incredibly popular on social media, these animals inspire us to do better for ourselves too.

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