Fratelli Fabbri Leads the Way in Environmental Sensitivity: The Veg Boot is here!


Fratelli Fabbri boots are beacons of quality and luxury in the equestrian boot marketplace. Known for their beauty and strength, they are worn by thousands of riders, including Olympic Gold Medalist Nick Skelton and Paralympian Annie Peavy.

Fratelli Fabbri was born in 1924 in Bologna as a luxury shoes brand. It was then bought by Giovanni Valentini, who together with his son Francesco have concentrated the brand production and distribution mainly on riding boots. Since then, the boots have continously improved thanks to a constant study and research carried forward by the son Francesco Valentini, now owner of the company.

Continuing to lead innovation in riding boots, Fabbri introduces the Veg Boot. Veg Boots are made from eco-friendly material and are the first riding boot not manufactured from animal leather. Deeply sensitive to environmental issues, the company began to test boots made of materials with reduced environmental impact. Fabbri boots demand perfect fit and function. They must be comfortable, resistant to stress, and durable. After years of testing, Fratelli Fabri presents the Veg Boot: beautiful, comfortable, and eco-conscious.

Veg Boots are made of durable material derived from a combination of natural and artificial components. They are made to be tough for sport and classic for equestrian dress. For the past year, Veg Boots have been tested by a wide variety of riders in many different climactic conditions. Hot or cold, dry or wet, the boots held up well to the stress of equestrian life. The rider’s foot is allowed to breathe and the boot has antibacterial properties. In addition, the Veg Boot is easily cleaned and maintained due to the unique material.

Fratelli Fabbri boots are synonymous with functional beauty. Worn by hundreds of top riders throughout the world, they are hallmarks of excellence. Fabbri claims, çMore than luxury, elegance.” In addition, they can claim to be the first boot manufacturer to use cutting edge, environmentally friendly materials in their superior boot design. Join Fratelli Fabbri and be part of the change toward eco-conscious products.

The Veg Boot is here!

Veg riding boots are already available. Order them in just the same way you order any type of Fabbri products. For information call 561-460-2473.