James Chawke Victorious in Phase 1 of the 1.30m U30 North American Championship

James Chawke and Eldorado in Phase 1 of the Rocky Mountain North American U30 Championships. Photo Credit Amanda Ubell Photography

Following an exciting Phase 1, the $5,000 1.30m Table C Competition of the 1.30m U30 North American Championship, it was James Chawke who chalked up the victory aboard the 9 year old Eldorado.

Topping a field of 18 competitors contesting the Championship that offers $20,000 in prize money, and $27,500 in Athlete Development Bursaries, James ended up the fastest completing the course in a time of 69.82 seconds.

With less than one rail separating the top seven competitors it looks to be anyone’s Championship with two more phases and a Jump Off to crown the ultimate winner.

“I was really happy with Eldorado today,” said James when asked about his victory. “There is a lot of jumping left though with three phases left, so it is really anyone’s game,” added James when asked how he felt about his chances following the first phase.

“This Championship was something that my father and I dreamed up a few years prior to his passing in 2015” said John Anderson when asked about the introduction of the North American 1.30m Under 30 Championship. “My father was quite a philanthropic person in his lifetime, and it was his wish when he passed for me to create something to help young athletes’ with their Show jumping Careers,” added John.

It was so wonderful that the Alberta Equestrian Federation along with the rest of the provincial federations in the country could help make this program that we are sure will catch on in the coming years,” stated John when talking about the program.

The Rocky Mountain North American U30 Championship was introduced to allow U30 athletes the chance to compete in a three phase Championship competition that ultimately presents Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals to the winners. Canadian U30 athletes from across the country can apply for Athlete Development Travel Bursaries to assist them with expenses incurred to attend the Championship.

The Three Phase Championship will offer $20,000 in Prize Money. In addition to the prize money for the Championship, the Gold, Silver, and Bronze medalists, along with 4th and 5th place, will share Athlete Development Bursaries totalling $27,500, with $10,000 being awarded to the Gold Medalist.


Entry#   HORSE                     RIDER                      Time    Penalty
455        EL DORADO             JAMES CHAWKE         69.82   0.00
472        BETTY BOOP DE VI   JACQUELINE COLBOR 70.74   0.46
407        GERDIENIEKE          DANIEL RIHAN JR       71.39   0.79
444        BONITA VH KEIZER  ALI RAMSAY               72.93   1.56
392        SCRIBBLE                ALICIA TIMM              74.31   2.25
360        GAMEBOY                FEMKE VAN DEN BOS  74.34   2.26
144        ELLIOT VAN T KRU    DANIELLE LAFLEUR    75.65    2.92
210        ATCHAFALAYA           BRITTANY PAYJACK    79.62    4.90
329        HHS FALSTERBO       BROOKE GREENING    79.64   4.91
358        SAUL GOODMAN       KENNEDY ELLINGSON 83.49   6.84
434        WITJA                      ISIS LANDSBERGEN    85.25   7.72
148        V STAR                    SHAELYNN ENDERS      86.64   8.41
342        CHIANTI II               AMI LANGLOIS            87.02   8.60
423        CASINO ROYALE       KATELYN COOPER        89.33   9.76
172        EVITA P                   JENNA LEE GOTTSCH    90.04  10.11
262        BUCOURLOS            ELIZABETH GEISE        98.41  14.30
412        MACKINTOSH           TASHA OTTO               99.78  14.98
317        FIFA Z                     KYESHA MUDD               EL    34.98