Throwback Thursday Trends We Miss: Full Chaps and Fringe


Chokers, jelly shoes, plaid flannel shirts… so many of the fashion trends from when I grew up in the 90’s are becoming mainstream again. But what about the horse world?

When it comes to lightweight, technical fabric jackets and innovations in horse care I’m completely down for today’s modern trends, but a part of me misses the faded velvet helmets and plaid, wool coats of the ’90s hunter world. It got me thinking… surely I’m not the only one that has nostalgia for days gone by. When I asked other riders what trends they miss, the answers started pouring in. Not only answers… but amazing old pictures!

One of the things people miss the most? Full chaps — especially with fringe! Enjoy this Throwback Thursday into 90’s hunter/jumper world where custom chaps were the schooling accessory… even in the hottest days of summer.

Photo courtesy of L. Williams from San Diego, California
Photo courtesy of Heather French from Austin, Texas
Photo courtesy of Joanne Scott from Frisco, Texas
Photo courtesy of Stephanie Peck from Sperry, Oklahoma
Photo courtesy of Anna Corley from Austin, Texas
Photo courtesy of Stacie Seidman from Chester, Connecticut
Photo courtesy of Amy Draznin from Austin, Texas
Photo courtesy of Lauren Hill Haberkorn from Raleigh, North Carolina

Man, those are some fancy chaps! Do you still dig your full chaps out from time to time? We’re hoping this trend makes a comeback… at least during the winter months! 

About the Author: Lauren holds an MFA in creative nonfiction from the University of California Riverside, and is a lifelong rider and writer. Beyond equestrian journalism, she explores body positivity, mental health and addiction through personal narrative. She enjoys showing on the local hunter/jumper circuit in Austin, Texas.

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