Hard Working Barn Manager Holds The Winning Key to Score the Vita Flex Tack Trunk at the Colorado Key to Success Party

Vita Flex Key To Success Tack Trunk winner Kenzie Hull and her Trainer Sarah Watson standing next to her new Vita Flex tack trunk bursting with products.

Parker, CO (July 17, 2018) – While the competition may be nearing the end at the Colorado Horse Park, the excitement has only grown with each passing week. This past week held something extra special for competitors, fans, and barn staff alike; the annual Vita Flex Colorado Key to Success Contest was held on Saturday. Each person held a golden key that had been given to them at the Colorado Horse Park show grounds by the leading equine supplement company, Vita Flex, but only one would unlock the grand prize — a custom red-and-white Vita Flex tack trunk bursting with Vita Flex products.

Vita Flex Winner Kenzie Hull’s new Vita Flex tack trunk on full display at Watson Equestrian, it’s new home.

Colorado local, Kenzie Hull was handed a special golden key from her employer, Sarah Watson and needless to say that both Hull and Watson where overjoyed when they learned that key would be the one to open the lock. Ever dedicated to the horses, Hull was called back to the barn to get a horse ready to show, so she handed her key to trainer, Sarah Watson to try to open the lock. It did just that! Watson played it cool when she asked Hull to come back to the party and when Hull arrived she told her she had opened the trunk with Hull’s key. With a hop, skip and a jump Hull celebrated her luck and couldn’t say enough about how much she loves Vita Flex products, “We use AccuLytes all the time and with all this we are going to have healthy horses! I love Vita Flex.” Hull works for Watson Equestrian based in Sedalia, CO for trainer Sarah Watson, as groom, barn manager and assistant. Watson trains hunter jumpers and they have been at the horse park for the last three weeks of competition and plan to stay one more before continuing on in their summer show schedule.

Vita Flex party goers got to have their cake and eat it too.

While the party was raging and people awaited their turn to try their golden key they could play Vita Flex Trivia, while enjoying ice cream and a Vita Flex logoed red velvet cake. The atmosphere at the event was friendly and fun and provided an opportunity for everyone to get out the barns and socialize. In addition to their annual tack trunk give away, Vita Flex awards the Victory Pass Award weekly to one top finishing horse and rider combination.

Vita Flex is proud to provide riders, trainers, and owners with top-quality equine products, including antioxidants, electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, joint care products and topical solutions to help keep horses in optimum health. As a returning sponsor, Vita Flex salutes all the hard work and dedication that it takes to compete at these prestigious competitions and wishes all the competitors a prosperous and successful season.

To learn more about the Vita Flex® line of premium horse products, visit www.vitaflex.com or call (800) 848–2359.