Why Horse Shows Are The Best Ever


The majority of the general public will probably associate horses with The Wild West and more recently with horse racing as well as betting. In the main the entire gambling industry started off with betting on horse racing tracks, and has led to global brands like Unibet now providing betting markets for not only horse racing but every other conceivable sport in the world. However, a horse show is not as simple as horses racing. The show reflects years of training and practice in specific disciplines like dressage, hunt seat, saddle seat and western.

Over the years this fantastic exhibition of horses and ponies has grown in popularity worldwide; and will continue to do so. But what is the attraction of a horse show, as it takes a lot of time for a horse owner to prepare for a show and it can be very expensive. However the memories a horse owner can leave a show with could stay with them forever and it will be worth the cost and possible risk of transporting their horse to the show for.

Usually at a horse show there will be many different breeds of horses and ponies. There are many different competitions made up of different disciplines held all over the world, some local, some national and some on the international stage. In general horse shows will run for one to three days in a given discipline or breed. Shows will normally consist of different performances, which are known as classes and will contain a group of horses who have had either similar training or have the same characteristics and they will compete against each other to win awards, prizes and sometimes money.

Attending horse shows can be very beneficial to owners as they can gain feedback from others as well as an ‘outsider perspective’ on their horse. This can highlight potential additional training areas for the horse. This additional knowledge will also give owners a massive sense of achievement, as well as feeling proud of their horse for performing at the show.

Arguably the best thing about a horse show is being able to watch others ride their horses. Having many great riders and horses around you, in addition to taking in the action can not only be very enjoyable but also can help any horse rider/owner to learn a lot from experts in their field. It is a chance to observe others on their horses and try to get an understanding of what they are doing and why. The opportunity may also arise to talk with others, ask questions and learn, giving the chance to develop a better understanding of horse riding in general and learn more about the related community.

As well as horse shows being a great chance for owners to spend more quality time with their horses and further develop their bond, see others in action and potentially win prizes, the opportunity to learn and network with others is a vital aspect of the shows and what makes them definitely worthwhile. They are also an extremely fun place to be too and give you the chance to make new friends with similar interests, which is always an added bonus of any event you may choose to attend.

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