The 7 Types of Ponies You Meet at Pony Finals

Photo by Lauren Mauldin


The Oldie. Photo Credit: Emy Lucibello

The Oldie:

Oldies are a blessing from the heavens. You have seen this pony at shows for what seems like eons and have no clue how they are still around. Needless to say, Oldies are the ‘been there done that’ ponies. Oldies can be seen at horse summer camps, being painted on, and hosting a tea party with their kid.

The Push Button. Photo Credit: Emy Lucibello

The Push Button:

This type of pony literally is a machine. You say trot and it trots, jump and it jumps (in top form!). You can ride Push Buttons with your eyes closed and still receive a score of 90+. These ponies are always sporting tricolors.

The Mischievous Pony. Photo Credit: Emy Lucibello

The Mischievous:

Opposite to the Push Button, the Mischievous are clever enough not to pay attention to the rider. But beware, this type of pony will run out of the arena for grass. Besides the obvious drawbacks, the mischievous are great teachers for riders with a fiery spirit. PS: white/grey Mischievous ponies will always be covered with manure stains and mud in the morning (on purpose, of course!).

The Bold Pony. Photo © Bonnie Timmons, Hold Your Horses: Nuggets of Truth for People Who Love Horses… No Matter What

The Bold:

Fasten your seatbelt, this pony is going! These ponies get down the lines, and I mean get down the lines. The Bold can be seen doing a 7 in the 8 stride easily. The word “woah” is not in their vocabulary.

The Slowpoke. Photo Credit: Intern Lily Johnson

The Slowpoke:

Contrary to the Bold, the Slowpoke prefers to go at a slower rate. Spurs are advised when riding these ponies. Slowpokes also are carefree, and they like to take their time and stop to smell the roses every once in a while.

The Saucy with its ears back. Photo Credit: Intern Elise Stephens

The Saucy (aka the mare):

Full of sass, the Saucy pony will do whatever it wants whenever it wants. Saucy ponies squeal and pin their ears back when passing other equines. Riding this type of pony requires a lot of patience. However, in the bitter end, the Saucy pony will do what is needed to do.

The Packer. Photo credit: Emy Lucibello

The Packer:

Packers just get the job done. They will never stop and never have wrong intentions. Packer ponies are easy going and uncomplicated. Although they may not be the prettiest, Packers are the perfect pony to move up on!

About the Author: Emily Lucibello is a 10th grade equestrian out of Chicago, Illinois. She has been riding most of her life, and has written for The Plaid Horse for several years.

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