Celebrating the Round: Regular Large and Small Green Pony Hunter Over Fences at USEF Pony Finals

Photo by Vyla Carter.


During the second day of Pony Finals, champions were crowned in the Regular Large Pony Hunter division and Small Green Pony Hunters. Top placing riders gave a little extra love to their ponies to thank them for the special week. The top three riders in each of the divisions that wrapped up today hugged their horses a little longer and told us what it felt like to place so well at this prestigious event.

Chandler Wilks hugs Valentino after placing second overall in the Regular Pony Hunters “This has been so special to me, having this opportunity to ride him is just so amazing,” Wilks said, “His heart is like 20 times bigger than him, he is just so special.” second pony finals on him. Photo by Vyla Carter.
Alexandra Miller rides out of the Small Green Pony Hunter awards ceremony with her mount Pineapple. “It felt amazing and it was just so relieving that he went in there and did what he was supposed to do,” Alexandra Miller said about placing 3rd overall in the Small Green Pony Hunters on Pineapple. Photo by Mackenzie Shuman.
Clara Propp walks out of the ring aboard News Day after being awarded second place.“It was so fun in the ring. I was nervous before but after, it felt really good,” Propp said. Photo by Mackenzie Shuman.
Skylar Wireman walks out of the ring with Neon Moon. “I’ve learned a lot from Balmoral and the pony is amazing. He is a lot of fun, it was just amazing to get that high, it was totally unexpected and really amazing,” Wireman explained. Mackenzie Shuman photo.
Alexa Lignelli gives Just Right some love after placing second place overall in the Small Green Pony Hunters. “He’s very good. The only thing is he definitely has a little smirk to him so he’s one of the typical ponies. He’s one that will be a little bratty at times but then very sweet,” Lignelli explains about her pony, “It was a really good feeling to feel that you have developed a pony that can win.” Mackenzie Shuman photo.