The Four Types of Pony Moms at Pony Finals

Photo by Lauren Mauldin


Pony moms can sometimes have a reputation at horse shows, but we wanted to share what we love about our pony moms. Every pony mom is awesome in their own way, and they love to support their kids at what they love to do the most: ride their ponies! Here are four types of pony moms that encompass pony mom traits that we enjoy the most:

Trainer Mom

Being the trainer’s kid always has its challenges, but being a trainer’s kid who rides ponies can be especially trying. As a kid who had a parent coach them in various sports, I know how difficult it can be to admit that the parent is right, but there is nothing more rewarding than sharing a victory with the one who has been with us through it all, whether it is getting champion at a show or picking up the correct lead. Ponies are notorious for their attitudes and knowing how to handle that attitude and sass can be extremely important! Having a trainer mom to help us through it all and expect the most from both pony and rider is the best.

Photo by Jennifer Wile Rubin

Camera Mom

We’ve all seen the mom that follows their kid around with their camera, snapping picture of all occasions, from grooming, to tacking up, to hacking, to lessoning, to showing, and everything in between from all angles possible. This mom always takes the best pictures for their pony kid to post on their Instagram, and everyone loves awesome pictures of cute ponies! These are the kids who will have photos to cherish forever, even when they outgrow their pony days.

Barn Mom

This mom is the one who is always asking if anybody needs a snack or a leg up on their way up to the ring. She makes sure every kid (and adult!) has what they need, and always wants to be at the side of the ring when someone is showing to cheer them on. They pick up lunch, carpool to lessons, and always ask the trainer if they need coffee. Barn Mom is always so supportive, and everybody can always count on her for a pick-me-up or a smile.

Best Pony Mom Ever

Pony moms are the ones who support us through everything. They drive us to our lessons, encourage us when we fall, and are always the first to cheer us on when we need it. Pony moms are the best example of horse show moms and exemplify those traits of which pony kids need to see to do their very best.

Photo by Jennifer Wile Rubin

Thank you to all the different kinds of pony moms out there and Happy Pony Finals!

About the Author: Hayley Kastrup is currently a sophomore at South Dakota State University studying Animal Science with an Equine Studies minor. She is also a member of the SDSU Equestrian team. She enjoys riding and showing, and loves to be around horses in any way possible.

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