How to be Your Shipper’s Favorite Client

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It’s 3:45 a.m. and you see the shipper’s headlights pull into your farm driveway. You smile. They weren’t scheduled to come for another half hour. But this is a long-standing relationship and the driver always says you’re their favorite client.

Read the tips below, from the horse transport pros at EQUO, how anyone can be a shipper’s preferred client, by keeping these things in mind:

Have all of your paperwork, information and payment arrangements ready. Shippers are on a busy schedule and every minute you save them in the driveway helps them when they hit traffic on the road.

Photo courtesy of Equo

Make sure all of your equipment is in good working order. Have backups of the essentials like a halter and lead shank. Even if your shipper has some, you can never go wrong with extras.

Ask about bulky trunks and supplies in advance. No one wants to find out the morning they’re leaving for an away show that there’s no room anywhere for their tack trunk. Shippers are often happy to accommodate extra items, but it’s courteous to ask first. 

Unless you are shipping in a medical emergency, make sure you ship healthy horses.  If your horse is going to a vet clinic, be honest about why so your shipper can be prepared. Knowledge is power in all situations, especially an urgent one.

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If your horse is a tricky loader, do your best to fix it before travel day. If your horse hasn’t trailered in a while, try practicing loading a few times. If it’s a chronic problem, let your shipper know ahead of time so they can allow to give you a few extra minutes.  If loading doesn’t go well, stay calm, don’t get emotional and listen to your driver. They often know tips and tricks and are familiar with what works with animals getting on and off their vehicle.

Always remember that the shipper wants a safe journey, as much as you do. Anything you can do to be prepared or to help your driver be prepared is the best you can do for your horse.

Photo courtesy of Equo

Equo is an all-star team of veterinarians, competitive riders, transportation experts and horse owners. A flawless collective of know-how, expertise and state of the art technology to create the most advanced horse transportation platform in the world. Moving forward, Equo hopes to accomplish two main goals: to help horse drivers across America achieve financial independence and make sure horse owners forget about the complicated, pricey, and low-grade equine transport services, and embrace a new technology that brings forth top safety and quality travel. Equo is available to download on the App Store and on the Google Play Store.

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