$40,000 Grand Prix de Santa Fe: Chenoa McElvain Buckled Down

Photo © Sharon McElvain

Anticipation for the pinnacle event of the Santa Fe Summer Series was present in every corner of the property – between Owner and MC Brian Gonzales’ walk through of the $40,000 Grand Prix de Santa Fe course with designer Hector Loyola, the chatter in the VIP Lounge, the talented Santa Fe Opera singer belting the national anthem, the scrambling for seats in the HIPI-Hangout, the focused calm in the warm-up ring and the crowds inching closer and closer to the field’s fencing as the 24 entries whittled down to 8 in jump-off. Then finally down to one winner who took home the coveted silver belt buckle.   

For Chenoa McElvain—the buckle was everything. And everyone on the property knew it. McElvain has been itching for a Grand Prix win at HIPICO Santa Fe since the inception of the Summer Series. And as the daughter of one of the founding families, Guy and Sharon McElvain, Chenoa has seen the winning buckles for years because the sterling silver pieces reach deep into Grand Prix de Santa Fe’s past.

Photo © Sharon McElvain

Grand Prix de Santa Fe, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting several New Mexico causes, formed in 2004 and has since donated more than $150,000 to regional and local charities. The belt buckle—designed and created by Mortenson Silver and Saddles in Santa Fe—won today is the same as was presented at the original show. And the only way to get this special buckle is to win it – no small feat!

The Grand Prix Field at HIPICO Santa Fe is large, according to even one of the most experienced course designers Hector Loyola. Although he has been designing courses for 22 years, he admits this is probably the biggest field on which he’s worked. Loyola filled the arena with as many jumps as much as possible to challenge the riders. While the jumps were straight forward, aside from a few questions such as oxer to oxer and a triple bar to a vertical, the real challenge was time. “The time was the hardest part. The rest were simple questions. There weren’t really places to cut except in one spot,” he said, applying the mindset that each course should be designed for the confidence of horse and rider. The time allowed in the first round was a tight 92 seconds, which caused many time penalties.

The Grand Prix de Santa Fe boiled down to four riders and eight horses—Chenoa McElvain, Jenni McAllister, Colleen Acosta and Sydney Luzick – as they faced the biggest obstacle of all, the tight time on the clock. Chenoa caught a rail on her first entry, Voila; Colleen had a four fault performance on MTM Lights Out. And Jenni McAllister pulled four faults on Legis Venice—the winner of last year’s Grand Prix de Santa Fe. Double clear jump off rounds included Acosta’s second ride HIMINI, Luzicka on Willow Catkin, and McAllister with Colvados, week three’s red ribbon winner. It took more than double clean to finish in the top two – Jenni’s third ride on Escada VS, Fiesta Week’s Grand Prix winner, and Chenoa’s second ride, Wallstreet RC, took on the ring like speed demons.

Photo © Sharon McElvain

The result split hairs! McElvain beat McAllister’s time by less than half a second. Following the top two placings, Jenni McAllister took yet another ribbon on Colvados. Sydney Luzicka—who rode the entire course without stirrups—grabbed the fourth place finish on Willow Catkin and Colleen Acosta snagged the fifth place ribbon aboard HIMINI. Each of these teams have been competitive with impressive placings in several classes throughout the Santa Fe Summer Series.

In the jump-off, the pair confidently galloped to each jump, was careful around the turns, and powered off the ground to clear each obstacle with room to spare! “My horse was just really on it today! I didn’t touch the reins. I just galloped and trusted it—that’s what he likes to do anyways. So any chance I had, I just galloped! In the turn from jump 6 to 7, I planned on doing an eight, but ended up doing the seven, because he turned so quickly. And I knew the other turn after the Dachshund [themed] in-and-out was going to be really tough, because everyone was getting wide, so I just grabbed my right rein in the air and he turned so fast—he was just with me today!”, said Chenoa. One of the most challenging parts of riding the stallion is to get him back and organized after long gallops, “He has such a big stride, but now he’s listening so much more – if I just settle, he’s there,” Chenoa explained.

When Chenoa cleared the final oxer, just in front of the VIP Lounge, the crowd went wild. Her mom was jumping up and down, her New Mexican supporters were ecstatic, and Wallstreet RC was very satisfied with himself. The young professional celebrated the first win in her home town with a bold cantering lap peppered with pats and huge smiles, receiving hugs on horseback from her dad, and her mom jumping up and down in the crowd!  “This is where I was born, where I’m from and where I’m going to be—it means a lot. And in front of my grandparents who are 80 and having everyone be able to be here to see it—I just feel so elated and incredible and happy,” said the newly minted 2018 Grand Prix de Santa Fe winner.

Photo © Mary Neiberg

The Grand Prix de Santa Fe wrapped up the Santa Fe Summer Series on an exciting, nostalgic, and proud note for the entire Rancho Corazon family. Guy McElvain, said it best, “It’s kind of the perfect ending isn’t it? It was a great show and everything went just like how we wanted it to go. And with Chenoa winning! She earned it. It wasn’t lucky, she had to fight for it today—I am super proud. She had the desire for that win, she was gonna win that no matter what.”

$40,000 Grand Prix de Santa Fe Results

Placing Entry Name Rider Owner First Round Faults Second Round Faults
1 Wallstreet RC Chenoa McElvain Guy McElvain 87.1 0 45.35 0
2 Escada VS Jenni McAllister Sateri AB Vicksburg 88.46 0 45.73 0
3 Colvados Jenni McAllister Cathy Jones & Madison Myro 91.01 0 46.2 0
4 Willow Catkin Sydney Luzicka Sydney Luzicka 90.09 0 48.08 0
5 HIMINI Colleen Acosta Evalyn Grace, LLC 89.98 0 48.26 0
6 MTM Lights Out Colleen Acosta L.O.O. LLC 90.08 0 47.24 4
7 Legis Venice Jenni McAllister Legisequine.com 91.66 0 50 4
8 Voila Chenoa McElvain Guy McElvain 87.99 0 52.89 12
9 Ekyra Fortuna Mackenzie Hudson Mackenzie Hudson 92.12 1 n/a n/a
10 Quinto Paul Rohrbach Wells Bridge Farm Inc. 94.13 3 n/a n/a
11 Indoktro K Van ‘T Kattenheye Susan Griffis Palmer Divide Ranch 85.04 4 n/a n/a
12 J.E.S. Quito Nicki Wilcox Nicki Wilcox 88.09 4 n/a n/a


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