TPH TV Series Review: The Ponysitter’s Club

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Many equestrians like me grew up watching The Saddle Club TV series. In it, you watched a group of young girls navigate friendships, which were held together by a love of horses. When I think of The Saddle Club, I get nostalgic; not just for the days when I would sit and watch it, but also for my younger years when me and my friends were little barn rats that only cared about our ponies.

The PonySitters Club, the newest horse show on Netflix, evokes that same sense of nostalgia, with its friendships centered around the barn that makes you feel happy while watching. The basic premise of the show is similar to The Saddle Club. A group of kids navigate friendship and responsibility around the barn, and as the series goes on their bond gets stronger.

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In The Ponysitters Club, the kids form their club to help take care of their horse rescue. The rescue gives most of the characters a sense of empathy towards the horse, and overall gives the whole barn a loving and welcoming atmosphere. Although the costumes and acting can get pretty cheesy, the strong morals behind the show remain, and you are reminded of what’s important — friendship and ponies. The simplicity of this show drives the important messages of teamwork and true horsemanship.

If you want to watch a lighthearted show about friends bonding over horses then The Ponysitters Club is a great choice! It will leave you feeling happy and nostalgic when you finish it. There’s only one season, but when you’re sure to want more when it’s over!

About the Author: Ali has been riding for about 8 years and frequently competes on the “A” circuit. She currently owns two horses, and enjoys writing.

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