5 Easy Equestrian and Horse Costume Ideas

Also, there are lots of great ways you can incorporate your school or trick or treating costume with your horse. Photo By Jennifer Wile Rubin


Believe it or not, Halloween is one of the equestrian communities’ favorite holidays! We love dressing up our horses, which takes a ton of creativity to get the perfect costume for horse and rider. If you’re stuck on ideas, I’ve created a quick and easy Halloween lookbook for equestrians.

All the costumes can be found on Amazon, so you don’t have to worry that your costume won’t arrive with Halloween fast approaching! Best of all, these costumes are reusable for non-equestrian Halloween festivities.

Cat In The Hat and Thing 1

This is a classic costume. It is perfect to recreate with your friends outside of the barn, since you and your friend can be Thing 1 and Thing 2. It is perfect for a horse who might not want a full costume since it only requires a hat, but it will call for some creativity to attach the hat to your horse’s bridle.

What You Will Need: Thing 1 shirt, some crazy striped socks, and a blue wig to attach to your helmet. 

What Your Horse Will Need: An iconic Cat in The Hat hat!

Jessie or Woody and Bullseye from Toy Story

This is perfect for an equestrian with a bay horse. It requires no dressing up on the horse’s side, so it is great for a fidgety or spooky horse.

What You Will Need: A Toy Story costume

What Your Horse Will Need: Just his tack!

If you want to make your costume very original, there are plenty of DYI Horse and Rider Costume Ideas on Google. Photo By Jennifer Wile Rubin

Lady Bug or Bumble Bee

This is an easy costume and you may already have the resources for this costume at home. It is also good for a less patient horse who may not like to get dressed up.

What You Will NeedRed or Yellow Shirt (You can add stripes or polka dots using felt or fabric marker). Antennas to attach to your helmet and a set of wings

What Your Horse Will Need: Accessories like a red or yellow saddle pad that you can decorate. You can also attach antennas to your horse’s bridle, and complete the look with red or yellow polo wraps.

Unicorn and Fairy

All of our horses are already unicorns, so why not embellish it? If you love glitter and bright colors, this is the costume for you!

What You Will Need: Wings for your fairy look, and a tutu to add more color. 

What Your Horse Will Need: A unicorn horn to make them fully magical. 

Photo © Pam Wheeler

Pony For Sale, Great With Kids

This one is great for someone with a sense of humor. Have you ever bought a pony that said on their advertisement they were great with kids, but turn out to not be so great? I think all barns have that one nasty small pony. The rider will be covered in bandages and slings, well the pony has a sign around its neck saying “great with kids.”

What You Will Need: A sling and some bandaids to show your battered self! For your shirt and breeches, find an old pair and go outside and rub it through the mud and grass, to give the effect of just falling off.

What Your Horse Will Need: This is easy to make out of a recycled box and ribbon. Hole Punch two holes for the ribbon, that will go around the pony’s neck and on the cardboard write “Pony For Sale, Great With Kids.”

There are so many great costume ideas out there! These are just a few to get you started.

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