The Plaid Horse’s Favorite Halloween Costumes


Picking out a fun costume and getting delicious candy makes Halloween a pretty awesome holiday. However, experiencing the Halloween spirit with your horse is even better!

Here are some of the TPH Team favorite halloween costumes with their horses.

Photo by Joe McNeill

Costume: Pokemon Trainer & Ponyta
Emily McNeill
Horse: Brandi
Materials: Feather boa and orange polo wraps

Photo Courtesy of Elise Stephens

Costume: Princess and Unicorn
Elise Stephens
Horse: Carolina Shenanigans (neigh neigh)
Materials: unicorn horn, flowers, flower wreath

Photo Courtesy of Emy Lucibello

Costume: Reverse roles (the horse is the rider and the rider is the horse)
Emy Lucibello
Horse: Keep it Cool
Materials: Navy and white fabric, thread, wig, sharpie, and TPH bows

Photo Courtesy of Elise Stephens

Costume: Clowns
Elise Stephens
Horse: Jackpot
Materials: Wig and bowtie

Photo Courtesy of Annie Birmingham

Costume: Unicorns
Annie Birmingham
Horse: Marcus
Materials: Unicorn headband, two blankets (one used for polos, other draped over Marcus and attached with velcro)

Photo by Joe McNeill

Costume: Cat in the Hat with Thing 1 and 2
Emily McNeill
Horse: Athena
Materials: Cat in the Hat hat, red tulle, bow

Photo courtesy of Allie Carlson

Costume: A Group of Beanie Babies!
TPH Staff: Allie Carlson’s OTTB and friends
Materials: Ty Tags and onesie