TPH Review: Mane 2 Tail Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are all the rage these days. They offer a delightful change from a usual mailbox full of bills, and introduce us to new products without having to do any shopping or research. If a subscription box is devoted to your horse, it’s even more fun! For that, enter Mane 2 Tail Mail

Mane 2 Tail is a monthly subscription box with plans starting at $35.99. Each box comes with 5-8 themed items, and ships straight to the door on the 5th of every month. A box of great items arriving straight to you means less time rounding up things and more time with your horse!

Our medium sized box arrived in the mail with subtle packaging, and I was excited to tear it open to see what was inside. Everything was wrapped up with tidy purple packaging, and I was super excited to see what my box contained. 

The first layer exposed a nice sized supplement sample from Purina, and a Mane 2 Tail branded water bottle. My horse just had a really long weekend showing, so I was excited to try a recovery supplement to see if it helps him.

When I dug deeper I found even more goodies. My box also included a sample of Apple Cinnamon Horse Treats, M-T-G (which is one of my favorite grooming products!), a comb and a tail bag. There was also a coupon and some information about the products in my box. It was a perfect starter kit to keep my horse happy and well groomed heading into the winter months, but there was still one more surprise!

The final item folded up in the bottom of the box was the world’s most colorful hay bag. It’s made of thick, colorful fabric and will be the coolest looking hay bag in the trailer the next time we head out for an adventure. This was a unique product that I haven’t seen before, and was excited to get in my subscription box. 

Overall, I thought the Mane 2 Tail box was a great assortment of horse care products that would appeal to riders of many different disciplines. The box contained practical things I will actually use, plus some fun whimsy here and there. It was a good value for the contents, and would make a great gift for the horse lover in your life… or yourself! You can start your subscription at Mane 2 Tail

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