Perfect Holiday Gifts for the Equitation Rider


‘Tis the season for prep and conditioning, cold weather, indoor ring rides, hot cocoa, and best of all: presents! It can be very hard to narrow down what to get for horse people. The gift options are endless for equestrians, so I’ve outlined some of my favorite brands that are ideal for the dedicated equitation rider. Keep in mind that most of these products will need to be ordered by a certain date (that can be found on their website) in order to arrive by the holidays.

Staying hydrated with lots of water in my Klean Kanteen, featuring my TFE sticker. Photo Credits: Sara Someck

The Fit Equestrian Equitation Bootcamp

The Fit Equestrian is an excellent brand to strengthen us equestrians. I show in all three rings, and I find it very important to strengthen my riding by “cross-training.” I normally ride a few horses each day, but these workouts are superb for days that I don’t ride or have extra time to workout. TFE has several fitness programs, but the Equitation Bootcamp my personal favorite. It contains core, leg, and upper body exercises that can be done from home! Furthermore, there are cardio and stretching tips, as well as some helpful exercises that can be done on the flat. The Equitation Bootcamp comes as a PDF and is great for the equitation rider that wants to become stronger and more prepared for those stirrupless work-offs. And, you can use my code (SARA10) for 10% off of your order!

R.J. Classics Show Shirts

R.J. Classics have a lovely variety of show shirts. They give off a simple yet stylish appearance for both in and out of the ring. There are many different collar patterns, whether you prefer floral or a more “quiet” look. The material is soft and comfortable, which is ideal for long hours at horse shows. Best of all, these show shirts provide a classic appearance under your show coat for the equitation and medal classes.

Wellesley Equestrian Personalized Show Bat

Do you find yourself searching for your lost crop often? Most of us have been there. We set it down somewhere, and suddenly it’s gone. How can you find yours if most crops are almost identical? Well, fear no more! Wellesley Equestrian offers a solution. The WE Personalized Show Bat is awesome. It is a classic black color, like most crops, but the cap can be personalized with your name or monogram. With this crop, no longer will you have to rush to find your lost crop before your flat class. My code (WESARAS10) can be utilized for 10% off as well!

My horse, Leo, enjoying a Crunch Cup from Snaks 5th Avenchew. Photo Credits: Sara Someck

Snaks 5th Avenchew Treats

Snaks 5th Avenchew is a wonderful brand that offers plenty of options for sweet snacks for your horse. Their treats are colorful and adorable, with different collections. From “Browneigh Bites” to sugar-free “Ringside Rewards,” Snaks have lots of variety depending on your preference. My horses love the “Crunch Cups,” which are the perfect size for a post-class goody. Snaks has stunning holiday-themed collections as well. All in all, Snaks are marvelous treats for equitation riders to keep on hand.

Keeping my Samshield Iconpack close by while I head to the show ring. Photo Credits: Kristin Komar

Samshield Iconpack

The Samshield Iconpack is a wonderful gift for equestrians competing in the equitation and medals. Although pricier, this backpack is durable with plenty of compartments. There are multiple side pockets, for both smaller and bigger items. There is also a mesh helmet carrier in the front. There are many other incredible features of this Iconpack, and it can store everything from your crop to your tablet. The Iconpack can be purchased from various websites, like SmartPak or Dover Saddlery.

Fluff Monkey

Last but not least, Fluff Monkeys are a great accessory that can serve many different purposes. The possibilities are endless; for an example, you clip it to your ringside backpack or use it to brush off your boots. Made of fabric, Fluff Monkeys are customizable with various color options. This unique product is an excellent stocking stuffer this holiday season!

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