Plaidcast #105 – Safe Sport, Drug Testing, and Retired Racehorses with Guests Bonnie Navin and Jen Roytz

Safe Sport


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January 4th, 2019

Safe Sports is a hot topic these days. Attorney Bonnie Navin returns to talk with hosts Piper Klemm and Sissy Wickes to answer all of our questions about how it works, and also gives us advice on what to do if you are drug tested at a horse show. Then, we speak with Retired Racehorse Project executive director Jen Roytz to learn all about the value and demand for quality thoroughbreds off the track.


Here are some snippets of our great conversations:

Bonnie Navin on Safe Sport: Anything that goes through the Safe Sport center, that is anything that has to do with any kind of child abuse or sexual misconduct. Essentially, after the USA Gymnastics debacle, Congress told [the US Olympic Committee] you have to get a better handle at watching your houses at the [National Governing Bodies]. … So essentially, if you read the statute that came by through Congress, Senate 534, the intent is to prevent future child abuse, sexual abuse, imbalance of power, things of that sort, they turned that over to the NGB.

The NGBs, in turn, turned it over to USOC to handle the sexual misconduct things, to give them exclusive jurisdiction. And probably because it’s easier to let a separate entity try to do that. And Safe Sport became the Safe Sport Center, and the Safe Sport Center now is the group that will receive the reports of any type of a sexual misconduct or child abuse type thing, and they will take an anonymous report, email report, drop in the mail report, whatever it may be.

To hear Bonnie talk about her concerns around the fifth amendment and the process for the immediate ban, listen in!

Jennifer Roytz on the Retired Racehorse Project:
I think it’s been really interesting, I’ve talked with a lot of people in the world of after care about this. It’s not just due to one organization, it’s the effort of the masses, that 20 years ago all of these after-care organizations were called rescues because there were a lot of unfortunately, thoroughbreds in need of rescue. And the needle’s really moved on that in the sense that so many thoroughbreds are coming off of the track in the right ways, and people are doing right by them because they simply know how to.  A lot of people didn’t know that giving a horse away without a contract was not doing right by their horse. They thought they were just finding it a good home. And you learn how to be a better advocate for your horse through all of this education.

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