20×60.com Apparel and Tack Review

Photo courtesy of Allie Carlson


As an equestrian living in a remote area, I am always up for new funny horse t-shirts and high end tack for my horse, so when I got the chance to check out some products from 20×60.com, I was excited. They have a great lineup of cheeky horse t-shirts as well as beautiful leather goods on their website.

My concern with fun horse t-shirts is that they are often unisex. That can be unflattering (although comfy!), and I end up wearing it around as bathing and grooming shirt or part of my pajama collection. After checking out the options on 20×60.com, I settled on a green t-shirt that says “I need 3 coffees, 6 horses and like 12 million dollars” I couldn’t agree more!

Photo courtesy of Allie Carlson

When it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by the soft fabric. It was soft and lightweight, but thankfully not see through (another one of my t-shirt concerns). I ordered a small. It fits comfortably, and seems to run true to size. I also really appreciate the length of the shirt. Nothing is worse than a shirt that can’t be tucked in when needed, or becomes a belly shirt with low rise jeans. The t-shirt was definitely a win. The only flaw was that I live in mid-rise breeches, so when I put it on with a pair of breeches the last line of the shirt was not visible, but that is getting pretty picky.

Next I hopped over to check out their leatherworks. Their bridles are geared more towards the dressage rider, so I opted for the next best thing — adding to my halter collection.

I usually just buy whatever leather halter is the cheapest on sale, so a high quality leather halter sounded like an excellent option for my horse. After peeking at their options, I tried the Premiera Vienna halter. I liked that it had a bit of a different look to it from the leather halters you see all the time. It said it ran big, and my horse tends to be between a horse and cob, so I opted for a cob in brown.

Photo courtesy of Allie Carlson

When I got it the first thing I noticed was that the brown halter had yellow stitching, que panic on how yellow stitching would look on my grey horse. I also noted that it didn’t really look large for a cob to me. So I brought it to the barn and tried it on. The stitching and halter look beautiful on, the yellow stitching actually was quite pretty. I am happy with my choice to get the cob, which on the largest hole and fits Wyatt nicely. I wouldn’t say it runs large, but like a pretty normal cob size.

Photo courtesy of Allie Carlson

Overall I am very happy with my 20×60.com experience. I would definitely recommend their shirts for a fun barn grab bag option. Their leather quality was fantastic as well. I would highly recommend their halters to someone looking for a reasonably priced, high quality leather halter.

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