Marley Lilly Monogrammed Apparel Review

Photo courtesy of Lauren Mauldin


As equestrians, we all love a good monogram. So when Marley Lilly kept popping up in my Facebook feed, I got curious.

My order came within 9 business days, which considering they had to monogram and ship it to ALASKA, I thought was pretty good. When it arrived the packaging inside was beautiful. My duck boots came in a cute box, secured closed with Marley Lilly stickers, and my sweater was in a pink box with a ribbon tied around it, it looked like a present that was ready for a birthday. There was also a note welcoming me to Marley Lilly and a bumper sticker. I was impressed.

Photo courtesy of Allie Carlson
Photo courtesy of Allie Carlson

The first product I tried were their duck boots. As someone who recently moved to a colder climate than they are used to, I was super excited for an alternative to the very old, very outdated Uggs that I have not been willing to part with. I’m super picky about shoes. If they aren’t comfortable, I won’t wear them. Needless to say I was nervous ordering without trying them on for comfort or sizing. I am a 7.5, sometimes a 7, sometimes an 8, depending on brand. The duck boots come in full sizes, so I ordered an 8, figuring I would most likely be wearing warm socks with them.

Photo courtesy of Allie Carlson

I was very pleasantly surprised but how well the boots fit, and how toasty they kept my feet. I love the monogram on them, it adds a fun touch to the boots. They also come with fleece topers that you can take on and off to modify the look and comfort of your boot, making them more versatile.

Photo courtesy of Allie Carlson

Next, I tried the boyfriend sweater. I was a little unsure on their sizing as I am typically a size small, but the small sounded a bit big, but I didn’t really see how I would be an XXS/XS. At 5’6”, I’m not that small. So I opted for the Small/Medium. It’s a boxy fit, and I think it looks great. It is super comfy and much warmer than I expected. My husband also commented that he thought it looked cute — always a plus!

Overall I was very happy with the quality of both products I tried, and am definitely considering an order from Marley Lilly for Christmas gifts.

As they sign all of their emails “Peace, Love and Monograms” – Allie