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How does an insurance company become more personal than a recurring monthly payment? How does an insurance company become a perfect fit for the equestrian lifestyle? How can you protect all that is valuable to you? Ask AIG; they have the answers.

American International Group, Inc. (AIG) has expanded its presence in the equestrian community every year since 2010.  Their commitment to the industry has grown through sponsorship of events and development of products specifically designed with riders and horse owners in mind.  The familiar blue AIG logo can be seen from Ocala to Menlo to Thermal as AIG rises to the cause in support of equestrian sport. AIG is the title sponsor of the storied AIG $1million Grand Prix, a marquis event on the American showjumping calendar.

AIG Private Client Group, a division of the member companies of AIG, provides personalized insurance products to meet the lifestyle needs of successful individuals. As David Hubbard, Vice President at AIG Private Client Group, explains, “We go beyond equestrian sport to insuring the equestrian lifestyle. We have immersed ourselves in showjumping by sponsoring and attending events over the past eight years. It is important that the community understands our commitment to their passion, their sport, and their lifestyle.”

AIG Private Client Group offers a concierge level of customer care. Clients receive personalized insurance options tailored for their lifestyles. AIG understands the dedication that comes with owning, riding and competing horses. Equine ownership can make insurance needs more complex and require specialized personal, equine, farm and ranch, and business insurance solutions.

AIG Private Client Group covers the personal risks of successful individuals and families pursuing their equestrian sport passions. For example, transportation is an integral part of the horse show routine, and AIG can cover personal vehicles and trailers. They partner with equine insurance specialist advisors who know how to navigate the complex insurance marketplace for equine, farm and ranch, and business insurance solutions that go beyond personal risks.

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In addition, AIG offers policies to cover loss and damage to tack and equipment, a significant investment sometimes not fully protected by homeowner’s insurance.

One of the unique aspects of AIG Private Client Group is the personal relationship between insurance advisors and clients. Each client’s personal assets and potential liabilities are evaluated by an insurance advisor to assess potential risk.  Many clients’ interests extend beyond horses to cars, fine art, wine, and aeronautics. AIG offers coverage of collectibles as well as business entities. The insurance advisors engender an interpersonal relationship with clients so that any risk contingency can be managed.

A 2018 AIG survey sent to 25,000 people involved in differing dimensions of the HITS show series elements of risk management that are most important to them. The results in order of importance are: identity theft, protection of privacy and personal reputation, protection of barns and farm properties, understanding equine law and liability, and disaster preparedness. “From a risk management services point of view, “ Hubbard states, “AIG services and the resources we provide are almost as important as the insurance products themselves.


We help clients understand risk and exposures to risk so that they can manage them more effectively.” AIG Private Client Group offers coverage for cyber, identify and privacy security threats and breaches and provides access to security specialists who respond and help to resolve the issues.

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Natural disaster preparedness has been a part of the national consciousness at an increased level over the last few years. Floods, wildfires, hurricanes, and winter storms have wreaked havoc throughout the United States. Every time an incident occurs, horses, property, and people are at risk. AIG provides disaster preparedness advice to help design a comprehensive plan of action in the face of a crisis to insure the best outcome for livestock, humans, and property.

AIG Private Client Group is the ultimate resource for insurance and risk management strategies for wealthy individuals. The company is represented by experts in insurance products for people and property, for equipment and collections, for transportation and tangible assets. In addition to comprehensive policies, AIG Private Client Group offers consultation and response to a variety of personal and business exposure hazards. AIG transcends beyond the customary level of client care to establish a personal relationship with its clients. AIG protects the totality of the equestrian lifestyle. Find more information at

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About the Author: Sissy is a Princeton University graduate, a lifelong rider and trainer, a USEF R rated judge, a freelance journalist and an autism advocate. Her illustrious resume includes extensive show hunter and jumper experience. She lives with her family in Unionville, PA and Wellington, FL.

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