Quail Run and Stepping Stone Farm Recognized With The Vita Flex Tack Room Award During Weeks 1 & 2 – 2019 Winter Equestrian Festival

Mary McKenzie, owner of Quail Run Partnership (center) and Lindsey Baum (left) receiving their Vita Flex Tack Room Award.

Wellington, FL (February 4, 2019) — When it comes to recognizing the difference between good and great performances during the 2019 Winter Equestrian Festival (WEF), Vita Flex does it best. During the exciting hustle and bustle of this esteemed international show series in Wellington, Florida, many equestrians can overlook the importance of maintaining attractive and well-organized tack rooms – and the competitive advantage this can bring. That’s why Vita Flex is, for the third year in a row, presenting the Vita Flex Tack Room Award to the barns and equestrians who show exceptional attention to detail and organization in their tack rooms during this year’s festival.  

Mary McKenzie with one of her Hunter prospects. (Photo courtesy of Quail Run Partnership)

Winning the award during Week 1of WEF was Mary McKenzie, owner of Quail Run Partnership – sellers of high performance sport horses including equitation, hunters and jumpers. McKenzie says she loves the overall atmosphere of WEF and adds that “it offers an international field of competitors along with top quality hunters with the hunters derby.  It’s a great venue to experience the international flavor here in the United States.”  A rider herself, who has relocated to Wellington from California, McKenzie knows what it takes to bring greatness into the show rings, and she was excited to receive the Vita Flex Tack Room Award.  “I had a very lengthy career and was very successful with hunters, having the horse of the year when we used to go to Madison Square Garden,” she describes, “Then, I went on to the jumpers. I ran China Blue Farm and Indigo Farm for 29 years,” she continues, “Then, my Quail Run sales business started to develop as I wanted to retire from the big sport and Lauren Hough rode my Grand Prix mare, Naomi, onto the US Team.”  McKenzie adds that she now has the mare’s offspring who she is intending to present next year at WEF.  She goes on to say that in spite of having hip replacement surgery a year and a half ago, she’s eager to get back into the ring herself. “I just competed myself, for the first time since the hip replacement, at WEF this week on one of our young horses. It was really exciting and I’m looking forward to being able to do some more of the riding myself again!” She adds, “It never gets old and it keeps us young and feeling great!”  Quail Run is expecting to sell between 15 – 20 horses at this year’s festival. “It’s been a lot of fun and a lot of challenges, but I’m really looking forward to the prospects,” McKenzie smiles. 

Team Stepping Stone Farm all smiles receiving their Vita Flex Tack Room Award.

Sandy Kelly of Stepping Stone Farm was also excited to receive the Vita Flex Tack Room Award during Week 2. Stepping Stone has been around for 50 years and is located in Albany, NY as well as Wellington, FL.  Kelly feels that hard work has been the secret to their success.  Their beautiful corner stall area and well maintained tack room at the festival is reflective of this work ethic.  Surrounded by blue ribbons, the homey, welcoming barn area, including exquisite gardening, sets Stepping Stone apart from the other barns. “We feel everyone should do it,” Kelly says about the décor, “We’re here at a very prestigious show, and I think everyone should really make their tack room and their set up as pretty as they can.”  Vita Flex agrees, which is why they were excited to recognize Kelly with the Tack Room Award. Stepping Stone also takes a grass roots approach to developing horsemanship in their riders of all ages. “We start from walk-trot on up, with riders as young as 7 years old,” Kelly describes, “Not many farms can do everything. We can do everything!” she adds. Kelly also says that they currently use Vita Flex® supplements with many of the 35 horses they have at WEF. “We are great believers in vitamins and supplements for the horses’ digestion. We feel it’s very important to do our best to maintain all our horses’ health,” she continues, “and we use Vita Flex a lot!”    

 Vita Flex is dedicated to helping aspiring riders and professionals cross the fine line between good and great performances by developing some of the best supplements available for performance horses. The company produces a wide range of products that have helped horses maintain the competitive edge necessary to perform at WEF and beyond. Backed by research and loved by top owners, trainers, and riders alike, Vita Flex’s line of equine performance products includes antioxidants, electrolytes, topical solutions, vitamins, and minerals that help keep equine athletes in peak condition. For more information about Vita Flex and its line of products, visit FacebookInstagram@VitaFlex, and www.vitaflex.com, or call (800) 848-2359. 

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