Hart Outfitters: This is Our Passion

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At seven years old, two girls would shuffle into the barn every week, their faces lit with joy at the sight of their four-legged friends and the smell of—well, manure. Sound familiar? Being from Vancouver, Canada and Seattle, the surrounding equestrian community harboured their love for horses and everything to do with the sport. Countless weekends and many summers were spent on the show grounds, working hard and making lifelong friends along the way.

Years later, Rachel and Harriette met at an international school in Shanghai, China, and once realizing they were both equestrians, bonded instantly.

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After countless discussions – both on and off horseback – they decided to start their own equestrian apparel brand. They spent countless nights after school talking, planning, prototyping, and had the amazing opportunity to learn from designers around the world. While riding remained their main passion, they also participated and loved other forms of athletics such as dance, rugby, and soccer. Thus, they launched HART OUTFITTERS, a contemporary apparel brand. With simple yet functional designs, all of Hart Outfitters products are perfect for in and out of the saddle.

“We wanted to design clothes that people could wear out all day. You could go straight from school to the barn without people noticing that ‘you’re wearing horse clothes.’”

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So not only are the Hart Outfitters designs great for the barn, but are also perfect for your daily lives.

New technologies in fabrication have been tested and used in Hart Outfitters products, such as the Lycra™ and lightweight polypropylene blend of the Fall ’18 Collection training tee and base tanks. Not only is the texture silky smooth and perfectly fitted, but these fabrics also have sweat-wicking properties making them ideal for all athletes, being extremely breathable and lightweight. Products such as headbands and infinity scarves are included in collections creating the perfect collection for every equestrian.

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For equestrians, Hart Outfitters is the perfect combination of stylish, practical, and comfortable clothing while being affordable for riders in any stage of life. The company launched with their Fall ‘18 Collection, with base tanks and training tees ideal for layering and for building your Hart Outfitters closet. The base tank is effortlessly stylish and smooth against your skin and perfect for not only a hot summers ride, but also as a base layer in the winter. The training tee is a favourite for everyday rides, and the headbands are perfect for keeping hair back when tacking up and after you dismount. Finally, the beloved braided belts are suitable for equestrians across all disciplines, coming in many colours while being stylish and comfortable.

The Hart Outfitters slogan is “This is Our Passion,” because above all the main company mission is to support young athletes around the world in achieving their dreams and pursuing their passions. Harriette and Rachel have incorporated both sponsorships and ambassadorships into the company, and are always refining the programs. Whether they are helping to finance horse shows, collaborating on product designs, or supporting slaughter horse rescue and rehabilitation organizations, it’s their goal to contribute to making the equestrian community the best it can be.

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It’s been an exciting few months since the brand’s launch in 2018, and this new year promises more innovative collections and opportunities. In 2019, you’ll be seeing new athletic apparel such as leggings, baselayers, and jackets. This includes jewelry, saddle pads, bonnets, and many more items curated to perfection.

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