cbdMD Offers Lameness Relief for Horses & Riders


Like many equestrians, I suffer from chronic pain. My knees are a nightmare for someone my age, but I press on because how could a silly little thing like knee pain make me stop riding?

The thing is, it’s not all that silly. One afternoon I came home from the worst riding lesson in my life. It wasn’t that my equitation was awful (although it wasn’t great either), but I had more knee pain than ever. More than before my surgery, and enough that I had to stop multiple times in my lesson. Two point? No way.

Discouraged, I iced my knees and took 800mg Ibuprofen, but the pain continued all night. That’s when I looked at the cbd bath bombs I got from cbdMD.

People have suggested I try CBD products for my pain for a long time. CBD is a by-product of hemp, and is legal in all 50 states. It doesn’t alter the user’s psychological state in any way, and has many health benefits including pain management. Still, I’ve been skeptical about how it could help my knee pain. It seemed too good to be true.

The bath bombs contain 100mg of CBD oil, and have added essential oils for aromatherapy. Roughly the size of a lip balm, they come in a variety of options with a scent that is pleasant without being over-powering.

As I watched the rejuvenate cbd bath bomb fizz and turn the water light blue, I had no idea how much I’d be a fan of this product. After soaking in the tub for twenty minutes, I stood up to a dramatic difference.

My knees felt amazing. 100mg of cbd oil in that bath bomb worked better than an afternoon of icing/heat intervals and multiple doses of Ibuprofen. Not only that, but the relief lasted. I woke up the next morning with less pain than I had before my lesson.

I am now a believer.

Before my bath bomb revelation, I dropped a vial of Horse CBD Oil off at the barn for my trainer to try. Available in different tinctures (concentrations), the oil is applied by a dropper. Its apple flavor had a pleasant, slightly sweet taste when I tried a drop off the tip of my finger, which makes it easy to dose on treats, food or straight into your horse’s mouth. Picky eater approved!

A few weeks later, my trainer updated me on a pony that had been trying to founder. Even with corrective shoeing and care, the pony was still having a hard time getting around but recently improved a great deal. My trainer originally thought a week of bute was the reason, but the assistant informed her that no, the pony hadn’t gotten any bute. The only thing it received was a daily dose of the horse CBD oil! When a horse takes CBD, it can help support the Endocannabinoid System, with many profound benefits. CBD can be administered to horses with herd-bound issues, anxiety, sore muscles and joints as well as a chronic illness.

I can honestly give both of these cbdMD products a rave review. In my own words, I can tell you the bath bomb made a huge difference in my knee pain on one of my worst days. With my own eyes, I can say that the pony went from walking stiffly to trotting and rolling happily in its paddock. In both cases, there were no side effects or harsh drugs. Just natural, legal CBD. I’m not the only one who loves this product. There are plenty more cbdMD reviews you can check out.

cbdMD has a wide variety of products to try yourself including oil, topicals, bath bombs and more. They’re offering TPH readers 20% off. Use the coupon code “PLAID” at checkout to get 20% off your order, and be on your way to a natural solution for pain management. Know more about cannabis, especially CBD at Greenthevoteok. They have covered every cbd topic in detail. 

About the Author: Lauren holds an MFA in creative nonfiction from the University of California Riverside, and is a lifelong rider and writer. Beyond equestrian journalism, she explores body positivity, mental health and addiction through personal narrative. She enjoys showing on the local hunter/jumper circuit in Austin, Texas.

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