At Home at the Horse Show: Premium Stall Setups Provide Temporary Luxury


There are a lot of reasons I love going to big AA circuits. These premium shows offer amazing prizes, draw top competition, and bring together the best of the best. For barns, it’s a time to show off their hard work as well as do a little bit of good ol’ fashioned marketing. After all, what’s a better way to attract clients than a gleaming banner of ribbons by your stalls?

It seems like the older I get, the fancier the stall setups are back at the barns. I remember when having custom curtains and an embroidered banner in your barn colors was a big deal, but today things have gotten downright ‘smancy. When I walked through the backside at HITS Coachella this winter, I couldn’t believe the elaborate detail that stables brought with them to the desert.

During the ten weeks of winter circuit, everyone could feel comfortable and at home with these elaborate setups.

First impression was everything.

Some barns nodded to tradition with their decor.

While others felt like they were from a contemporary design showroom floor.

Fountains in the desert are pretty swanky.

And everyone can appreciate a well placed fern.

Nobody overlooked little details throughout their barn.

Which certainly included proper accommodations for the second most important animal at the horse show—the barn dogs!

While I’d be lying if I told you that I couldn’t help but realize that the furniture and accessories at most of these stall setups were nicer than my apartment, I couldn’t help but getting caught up in the fanciness of it all. The creativity, planning and care with these barn setups is an amazing feat provided for client and staff comfort during the show. Any one of these setups with their furniture and accessories look like the perfect place to relax with a cold beverage after a successful day of horse showing!

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