Tredstep Riding Boots Jump to the Lead

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Tredstep goods are a staple in riders’ closets, dressers, and tack trunks. Equestrians in every discipline searching for the best in quality and design seek Tredstep products to meet their highest standards. From head to toe, the Ireland based company offers elegance, functionality, and quality in all of their goods. Breeches, riding coats, shirts, boots, chaps, socks, and gloves- Tredstep is committed to dressing every rider. While we work hard, we have to walk into the show ring looking our best. Tredstep is committed to combining function, durability, and classic beauty in everything it brands. 

In 2019, Tredstep has boldly redesigned two of its archetypal tall boot lines and will launch a brand new line of boots. Responding to the needs of their customers and utilizing cutting edge technology, they are once again leading the equestrian boot charge to great fit, increased durability, and elegant style. 

As Olympic veteran Peter Wylde states, “What I love about the Tredstep boots is that they look great, but they are so comfortable. It’s like putting a pair of gloves on your legs. You have this close contact to the horse without them feeling bulky or heavy. “Wylde also praises the Tredstep boot’s versatility. “They have analyzed the American market so these boots can go in the hunter ring, work for my students in the equitation ring, and for me in the Grand Prix ring.” Tredstep makes a boot for every competitor with different features and price points.

Recently, Tredstep moved all of its manufacturing processes to Europe, the bastion of beautiful leather goods. High tech equipment and state of the art production techniques have enabled Tredstep to significantly improve the specificity of sizing. For the first time, they can offer standard sizes at ½” increments which enables riders to get the closest fit possible without ordering custom made attire. Tredstep boots are made from full grain European leather and utilize High Tec Rubber Outsoles with advanced stirrup grip and comfort. These soles also provide great durability, ensuring that the boot will have a long range of usefulness. 

Photo courtesy of Tredstep Ireland

The Renaissance line, named after the world’s most prolific artistic period, features the Donatello III, the Medici II, Palladio II and soon to launch Vasari boots. Each style has its own specific stylistic and functional improvements as Tredstep applies the latest technology to perfecting fit and form. The Donatello III is beautifully contoured with a newly designed high tensile stretch panel for a snug fit to the leg. At an attractive price point, the boot offers a heavy duty back zip, elastic easy closure snaps, and cushioned sole. As with all Tredstep boots, the design elongates the rider’s leg with elegant contour. 

The Medici II redesigned boot envelopes the leg in soft, hand sourced calfskin leather. With a cushioned elastic closure behind the knee and a Coolmax lined cushioned insole, the Medici II is all about comfort. The beauty of the boot stems from additional contouring with unique curve patterns. The rider’s leg is accentuated by the slim fit design while the functionality of the boot is enhanced by close contact with the horse. This boot is a favorite in any ring for riders at all levels. 

The Palladio II continues to exemplify the traditional skills of past and is hand crafted from the most exquisite hand sourced materials available. The Palladio II Pure Dressage is classically sculpted in fine calfskin with reinforcement to the outer and back profiles while remaining soft and supple to the inner side. Shaped and lasted on hand made soles with a soft square toe profile, this new generation of dressage boot comes with modified seams across and around the ankle to ensure the boot provides rider comfort all day long while maintaining the sleek appearance essential to a dressage boot.

Photo courtesy of Tredstep Ireland

The newest Tredstep has to offer is the highly anticipated Vasari boot. Each boot is uniquely manufactured in Europe on wooden boot trees which provide the ultimate in sculpted shaping. The finest European leather is stretched over precise wooden forms to ensure the perfect anatomical fit every time. Refined styling along the top line of the Vasari further enhances the elegant side profile. In addition, a modified neater design finish across the front of the boot for the field lace housing makes it both exquisitely sleek looking and extremely comfortably to wear. As with the other models, the rubber sole provides greater traction with the stirrup bar and longer durability.

Always providing the best in equestrian attire, Tredstep has stepped ahead in 2019 with the presentation of the redesigned Donatello III, Medici II, Palladio II, and the new Vasari tall boot lines. Utilizing the best design, manufacturing practices, and materials in European based production, Tredstep offers a perfect boot for every rider and a classic look for every ring. 

About the Author: Sissy is a Princeton University graduate, a lifelong rider and trainer, a USEF R rated judge, a freelance journalist, an autism advocate and Editor of The Plaid Horse. Her illustrious resume includes extensive show hunter and jumper experience. She lives with her family in Unionville, PA and Wellington, FL.

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