Choosing the right rugs and boots for your stallion


When was the last time you went to a tack shop in order to get supplies and rugs for your favourite stallion? If you own a ranch somewhere in the UK, then you’ll have to pay frequent visits to the nearby tack shop. The good old English weather can roll in at any given point in time. The overcast skies, the cold gust of winds, and a melancholic gray tinge can be quite a challenge for your equine friend.

Keeping it warm and cosy

There are rugs and boots available that can help keep your horse warm. You can buy a rug to keep your horse warm whenever the mercury plunges.

What’s a rug?

To put things simply, a rug is a blanket or a coat that is used to keep the horse warm and dry. Rugs are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you’re planning to buy a rug to protect from stallion for the harsh cold winter, then it is advisable to choose the one which is thicker and has a fully-wrapped tail flap.

Things to be kept in mind

  • If your horse prefers living in a stud, then light and cozy rug would be good enough. You can choose from a wide variety of horse rugs.
  • If you take your horse out and train him frequently, then you will have to buy a set of turnout rugs in order to provide comprehensive protection to your friend against strong gusts of wind.  
  • You also need to take into consideration the size of your horse. The shape and size of your horse would determine the kind of rug that will fit. Not all rugs go well with all horses.
  • The breed of your horse also matters. For instance, a native horse would be able to bear the cold, whereas foreign horses might find it extremely hard to get used to the cold climatic conditions.
  • Also, it is always good to go for a lightweight rug. If the rug is bulky, then it might end up reducing the speed of your horse.

The boots:

Leg protection happens to be of utmost importance. The kind of runs your horse undertakes also determines the type of boots you’d be choosing. Cuts and wounds can be avoided by using a tough and sturdy set of boots.

Different types of boots you can choose from are:

Multi-purpose boots

Boots such as these can be used for a variety of purposes. These can be used to cover the horse’s lower leg entirely and can, therefore, fulfill a wide range of purposes. The cannon bone, as well as the tendons, get covered with these boots. Sometimes, additional padding is available on the inside of the leg. This padding guards the splint bone against concussion. Leather or neoprene can be used to manufacture the outer layer of the boot.

Cross Country Boots

These boots can bear the rigors and vigours of a tiring cross country run. Such boots help protect the horse’s leg against dirt, cuts, rashes, etc. These boots feature a cannon bone and tendon covering.  Also, a striking feature of these boots is that they don’t let dirt and moisture play a spoilsport. If you’re participating in one of the many cross countries runs across the UK, then cross country boots the UK are your best bet.

Other types of boots you can choose:

  • Bell boots
  • Skid boots
  • Open front boots
  • Shipping boots

Again, the kind of boots you’d be choosing depends completely on the purpose you wish to fulfill. The quality of the boot would also be dependent on how much are you willing to spend.

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