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Shipping horses can be a complicated and stressful endeavor for owner, trainer, and animal alike. We are not transporting freight that can be tossed on a semi trailer and forgotten about until it arrives at its appointed destination. Equine transport is delicate, intricate, and weighty- all at the same time. Drivers are required to coax a 1200 lb. horse on to the rig, lift breakable and expensive equipment, and bear responsibility for the valuable load as it travels to its terminus. Each time a horse is commercially shipped- long distance and local- we realize the importance of the shipping company. And, all of us has told or heard a war story involving horse transportation.

Photo courtesy of equinetrips.com

Equinetrips.com Horse Transport takes a different approach to shipping. As owner Kelsey O’Hara explains, “We have stayed small so that we can guarantee quality.” With two tractor-trailers and two goosenecks, Equinetrips.com provides a personalized element to the task of horse transportation. Their drivers (including Kelsey himself) all come from horse backgrounds and are horse savvy. While their experiences may come from different disciplines within the horse community, all know horses and the horse business. Armed with this knowledge, they are well qualified to handle the animals and respond to unforeseen challenges. “I want to keep our customers happy and feel very strongly about that,” Kelsey explains. “We don’t have Walmart drivers showing up to ship horses.”

Photo courtesy of equinetrips.com

Based near Syracuse, NY all year and in Wellington, FL for the winter, Equinetrips.com offers nationwide air ride horse transport for trips near and far. In the winter months, short shuttle runs in the state of Florida are frequent and fairly priced. Long trips include up and down the East Coast as well as into Canada for events in Toronto and Ottawa. Lexington, KY, Chicago, IL, and Wilmington, OH are also frequented by the Equinetrips.com vehicles as well as the USDA quarantine facilities in Miami, FL and Newburg, NY. As Kelsey states, “We transport horses in all kinds of scenarios and will take care of all of the details for our clients.” From collaborating with veterinarians and owners or trainers to arranging for layover facilities on long hauls, the diligent and experienced staff at Equinetrips.com smooths the road for your horse.

Competitive pricing for individualized service is an essential component to Kelsey’s business plan. With a small fleet of vehicles, he is able to provide a nimble response to clients who want the best for their horses. “I offer smaller loads and try to avoid the multiple stop trips. I want to do what is best for the horses and am honest with clients if I cannot accommodate them. If the trip doesn’t work, I will tell them.” 

Photo courtesy of equinetrips.com

Experienced staff, quality vehicles, and personalized customer service are the hallmarks of Equinetrips.com. Shipping horses can be difficult and complicated. Ease your mind and your horse’s shipping experience at Equinetrips.com.

Visit equinetrips.com, email or call Kelsey at 315-430-1501 or
561-926 6769. Follow equinetrips on Facebook and Instagram

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About the Author: Sissy is a Princeton University graduate, a lifelong rider and trainer, a USEF R rated judge, a freelance journalist, an autism advocate and Editor of The Plaid Horse. Her illustrious resume includes extensive show hunter and jumper experience. She lives with her family in Unionville, PA and Wellington, FL.

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