TPH Review: EcoVet Fly Spray

Photo courtesy of Allie Carlson


As equestrians, we spend more money in search of the next great fly spray than perhaps we should. I have tried everything from homemade concoctions of essential oils to pricey chemical-based options, and nothing quite seems to work. My highly sensitive bug hating OTTB, Wyatt, has continued to stomp right out of his shoes despite my best efforts.

Insert EcoVet. I’ll admit that I was very skeptical. So much so that when friends told me it was the only thing she found that worked, I still was not willing to buy a bottle out of fear that I would once again be left disappointed. But as luck would have it, a few of us at The Plaid Horse were able to check it out, and the results were pretty great.

Photo courtesy of Allie Carlson

Over my years with Wyatt, I have tried many different bug protection plans. One of the first sprays I tried left him covered head to hoof in huge hives. After that I was leary of sprays, and moved to fly sheets. But, being a thoroughbred, Wyatt runs hot, and I quickly discovered that he will be soaked in sweat under a fly sheet the second it gets hot outside. The brand and type of mesh doesn’t matter. It could be the most airy mesh in the world, and he will still be drenched in sweat the second we have a hot day.

With fly sheets out of the running, I refocused on sprays. My search seemed to be a dead end until I tried EcoVet. EcoVet works differently than other fly sprays by using naturally occurring ingredients to confuse the bugs and create a barrier of protection around the horse. It contains no pyrethrins, just fatty acids, which makes it safer for us and our animals.

I am happy to report that for the first time in my search there were not flies and bugs on my horse, and not just for a few minutes while it was wet, but for a few days after application. In Alaska, we jokingly refer to the mosquito as our state bird. Just like our state, the bug population is extra large. Keeping them at bay is very important to me, and EcoVet has done a wonderful job of keeping the bugs away. Also better yet, Wyatt did not have any hives after we used it.

Photo courtesy of Allie Carlson

But don’t just take my word for it, Plaidcast Director and blogger extraordinaire, Jess Clawson also gave it a try. Jess also is the proud owner of another very sensitive OTTB. Jess lives in a much warmer climate than me and was truly able to put EcoVet to the test on a sweaty horse.

“The first time I tried EcoVet, I applied it to him according to the directions. It’s a different approach to insect repellent and so the application process is different too–I found a soft cloth to work best for me,” Jess said. “I chose a hot day and took him to do his trot sets in a very buggy, woody area of the farm. No matter how sweaty Mo got, not a single bug landed on him. It was wonderful to be able to focus on the ride and not on swiping flies off his rump.”

With two happy bug free OTTBs, Jess and I can truly say that EcoVet is a very effective option for keeping those pesky flies and bugs at bay.

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