Sergio Grasso: Boots & The Art of Craftsmanship

Sergio Grasso's customizable Evolution Boots. Photo courtesy of Sergio Grasso


Sergio Grasso boots inspire the same visceral reaction as a work of art. Contoured lines, perfect balance, and beautiful texture are the hallmarks of the Sergio Grasso line of Italian leather products. As Sergio and daughter, Monica, explain, “Every day we take care of every step of the process, true to a quintessentially Italian manufacturing technique and technology. Every day our signature becomes part of every detail, giving value and prestige to our boots and to our brand throughout the world.”  

Monica and Sergio Grasso. Photo courtesy of Sergio Grasso

What makes Italian leather and manufacturing the most sought after in the world? It is the quality of the hide and attention to detail in manufacturing. Italian leather is iconic in the fashion industry, used by the most prestigious labels because of its high quality. Craftsmanship is essential to the Italian bootmaker as Sergio Grasso boots are not mass-produced and bear the high standards of a dedicated staff. Durability, quality, and beauty are successfully combined in the exquisite line of equestrian boots offered by Sergio Grasso. 

The Evolution Boot. Photo courtesy of Sergio Grasso

Sergio Grasso is passionate about two things – horses and boots – as reflected in the deep understanding of what is essential to the modern rider. Sergio Grasso’s latest products include three lines of boots: the Everyone, the Michel Robert, and the Walk&Ride. The Everyone boot is described as “close to those who love riding and those who will: Everyone is dedicated to all riders.” This tall boot is available in Absolute Black or Coffee Brown leather in two different models, both with comfortable nappa leather and a safety based non-slip Vibram sole. The boots are designed for close contact with the horse’s side, dependable rear zippers, elastic laces, and an attractive Spanish high-cut topline. They are a favorite for seasoned riders as well as those beginning the sport and offer customization features. 

Laura Kraut. Photo courtesy of Sergio Grasso

The Michel Robert line of boots is the perfect encounter between two talents – that of the great showjumping champion Michel Robert and that of Sergio Grasso. The boot combines the softest leather with latest generation of super elastic materials to provide greater adherence to the ankle and a delicate sensitivity in contact with the horse. Offered in four models, the Michel Robert boot is worn by Olympic and World Equestrian Games Gold Medalist Laura Kraut. Each boot is beautiful in its sculpted appearance and functional in its fit and durability. The Bordeaux model worn by Kraut offers a rear zip, Spanish high-cut topline, a choice of square or rounded toe, no laces, and the latest technology in a gripping sole. In addition, the Michel Robert boot can be customized in size and appearance with an array of fun, colorful choices of decorative tops. 

The Dynamik Boot. Photo courtesy of Sergio Grasso

For a low boot, or paddock boot, Sergio Grasso offers the unique Dynamik by Walk&Ride. Stunning in its appearance and ergonomic design, the boot is sleek and functional. The innovative Walk&Ride sole is made by Vibram, a world leader in high performance rubber soles. It adapts to the biomechanics of the foot, is light and cool, and provides a superior grip on the stirrup. For those who spend long days working on their feet as well as running from ring to ring, the Dynamik is the best boot on the market. Sergio Grasso offers a choice of colors in piping along the sole as a way to make your boot unique. (Note: this author has been an absolute fan of these boots for years!) Style and comfort mark Sergio Grasso’s Dynamik boot as the best of both are found in this everyday staple of a rider’s closet.

The Progress Boot. Photo courtesy of Sergio Grasso

Sergio Grasso is synonymous with quality and style. Iconic Italian leather and craftsmanship, innovative design based on comfort and durability, and dedication to horse sport combine to make this boot line the best of the best. As the Grasso’s express, “We want to be a symbol of the expression of absolute excellence in craftsmanship, a symbol of the best Italian manufacturing, and a champion of style and elegance. We want it to perform better than any other and to be an essential, reliable companion for those who choose our brand.” Buy Sergio Grasso products at your favorite retail store and visit their website ( for the location nearest to you. 

About the Author: Sissy is a Princeton University graduate, a lifelong rider and trainer, a USEF R rated judge, a freelance journalist and an autism advocate. Her illustrious resume includes extensive show hunter and jumper experience. She lives with her family in Unionville, PA and Wellington, FL.

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