Introduction to Betting the Belmont Stakes

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Betting on sports means risking your time and money while striding through the chances of luck. Despite being told that too much betting can make you addicted, still, many people in today’s time gamble through the probabilities and make their bets to their favorite contenders.

One of the most known horse races in the United States happens annually at Belmont Park in New York. The Belmont Stakes run over a distance of 1 ½ mile or equivalent to 12 furlongs, and it is a race for Grade 1 Thoroughbred horses.

The race is continuously producing champions over the years and is the home of well-known horses who tested their skills and abilities running for the finish line and aiming to become on the top. Since the race is also called the “Test of the Champion,” there have been many on the lists who exceptionally made a mark through their runs.

Unforgettable Race of Secretariat

Winning is what this horse’ mantra. Through the years, Secretariat won 16 out of 21 races, and he even was known as the “Horse of the Year” twice in its history, while being the face on the front pages of the magazines spread throughout the town.

In winning the Belmont Stakes race, Secretariat became the excellent single performance in the history of horse racing.  He arguably became the winner of the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes, and continuously became the champion of the Belmont Stakes which made him the Triple Crown champion of his time.

Along with his other awards and achievements, Secretariat also became the fastest horse in the history of Belmont Stakes with a time of 2:24.00 and making a lead out of his contender, Sham, with 31 lengths. Up until today, Secretariat’s record remains to become on the top for no other horses have run faster than his time.

Placing a bet

Upon wagering, people usually do place it to their favorite horses. More often, when you place a bet on horse racing event, you need to specify to the bookkeeper which of the tracks you desire and what type of bet you will set.

There are certain types of bets to place when you bet the Belmont Stakes.

  • The “Win” bet is merely choosing the horse you believe will finish the race first, and when it is your bet that won the race, it also means you win the betting. This kind of wager is also a type of straight bet.
  • Another type of straight bet is the “Place” wager that is, you choose the horse that you believe will have the end first, second, or third in the race. When the horse you selected would undoubtedly end the run with a place, you will win the bet. The “place” bet tends to pay lower than the pay of the “win” bet because chances improve.
  • The last type of straight bet is the “show” wager. This bet typically means that you wager on the horse you think will have a place on the race. Upon finishing the race, when your pick has placed on the run either first, second, or third, then you will win betting the race.

Some other exotic bets include striking an “exacta” bet which means choosing the first and second finishers in the right order in the race. This type of bet is somewhat tricky to foresee; that’s why it pays higher than the “quinella” bet.

The “quinella” bet is one kind of the exotic wagers, and it means just the same as the prior bet, exacta, but to win, you need to choose the horse that will finish first and second precisely. At the end of the race, despite their places, as long as either of the horses finished the race with a first and second place, then you win also as betting the “quinella” kind of bet.

“Trifecta” is also a kind of exotic bet that needs a person to pick in exact order the top three finishers. “Trifecta box” is the term for stakes picked not in the correct order as long as the horses placed in the top three finishers of the run. Lastly, a “superfecta” wager means selecting the top four horses in the race, setting the exact order as with the place you’ve bet.

In summary, betting is something people look forward to in any sports events. Besides looking for fun and excitement, a lot are attending these events to placing a wage on their favorites and making money out of it.

Belmont Stakes is just one of the many events where people love placing their bets not only because they can benefit and get monetary rewards afterward, but because it is one of the many exciting horse races in the world; the last race of the three other races that make up the triple crown.

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